Antique style

Antique style in the interior is a very popular and complicated. History of ancient style originates from Ancient Rome and Ancient Greece, therefore, all the elements of interior design should correspond to these epochs. The main requirements when creating a antique style in the interior of the apartment or private house is the spaciousness of rooms and the availability of cash for accessories, because. the room should look luxurious. Let us consider the features of the ancient style in the interior.

Walls should be solid decorative plaster, it is recommended to give preference to the more soothing warm tones, which will saturate the atmosphere of the room antique. Additionally, the walls can be finished mural or wall painting, appropriate the style.
Flooring for the antique style can be natural stone or flooring, on top of which it is customary to lay a luxurious carpet.

Ceilings decided to create or caisson, or a more budget option – suspended. The contour of the ceiling is recommended to create a cornice, decorated with ornaments.

To furniture special requirements, because. it initially catches the eye and emphasizes the style of the interior. To create the antique style it is recommended to use furniture with gold armrests and the whole circuit. It is also necessary to use wooden furniture, carved.

Well, with regard to accessories, the most important element of the antique style in the interior are columns. If it is not possible to create at least two columns on the way to the living room, it is recommended to add to the interior space of various statues antique style, and busts, vases, and even statues of Greek mythology in full growth.

Finally I would like to add, for small apartments the epitome of antique style will not fit, because. in compliance with all requirements of the interior is too fussy.

Photo examples of the ancient style in the interior is provided in the gallery:

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