Box for dogs

Dogs are guards in the country and at the same time faithful friends for you and your children. Like any other animal, the dog needs a home, where it will sleep and hide during bad weather.Often the design of a dog booth fit is not too serious: an ordinary wooden box with a roof. This box does not fit in landscape design (the exception is a garden-style country), so you need to properly come to the registration booth.

In order, that would make a nice booth with their hands, use the following tips:

  • Craft box only made of wood. First, it is more heat, and secondly, wood is easier to handle and place.
  • Use these ideas, as box with log or profiled timber
  • Make box unusual shape: in the form of a Palace or a garden small house
  • As a frame for the booth use anything unusual, for example, wooden barrel.

To more clearly view photos design ideas of boxes you can in this article:

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