The price for one square meter roll, sports and artificial turf

The price of turf is very different, depending on the purpose of the lawn, species mixtures and manufacturer, which in turn depends on the quality of turf grass and durability of the turf. Next, we consider the most popular lawn grasses and their cost estimated on the Internet on the official websites of manufacturers.

So, for starters, most popular lawn grasses in rolls today are the universal lawn grass in rolls, sports turf and artificial turf.

Universal lawn the coils used in suburban areas for decoration your garden. It can be suitable for a Playground, recreation areas, and just for garden decoration. The price of universal lawn is the lowest, in fact that's why he gained popularity.

Площадка из универсального газона в рулонах

Of universal lawn rolls

Универсальный газон в рулонах

Universal lawn rolls

Sports turf has high durability and is used to create soccer fields, tennis courts, Golf courses etc. Its price is higher, because. the mixture consists of turf grasses, resistant to mechanical damage.

Спортивный газон в рулонах

Sports turf in rolls

Спортплощадка из газона в рулонах

The Playground of lawn rolls

Artificial turf is the most modern and expensive. It is made of a special plastic filament, secured to the fabric of the lawn. Artificial turf has high strength and attractive appearance. High-quality artificial turf is almost impossible to distinguish from the natural, not touching his hand.

Искусственный газон

Artificial turf

Монтаж искусственного газона

The installation of artificial turf

Prices of turf per square meter the following:

Universal lawn the price fluctuates at a mark 25-30 UAH/m2.The more reliable manufacturers, the price may be higher.

Sports turf – price has a minimum level 35 UAH and can be up to 60 UAH/m2. The last price is optimal for normal sports turf.

Artificial turf the price of quality artificial grass starts from 120 UAH/m2. In the market there are offers from 60 UAH/m2, but it is better to avoid them, because. the lawn is unlikely to have good quality. The optimal price for the quality of artificial lawn is 170-200 UAH/m2.

As you can see, prices on lawn different, and so quickly and the lawn in the country can afford any cottager, choosing the optimal price for turf for your pocket!

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