A Playground with his own hands: the idea of decorating and design examples

In order, what would dacha attracted the attention and interest of your kid need to build in the garden areas children's Playground. Depending on the age of the child there are several options for playgrounds: with a sandbox, swings, "lasergame", houses on a tree etc. About, how to make a Playground with their hands we now discuss.

Sandbox for children with your own hands

Песочница для детей своими руками

Sandbox for children with your own hands

There are two types sandbox: open and closed, next, we consider the instructions for construction of both options, but first, will reveal to you some original ideas, which can be complement the design of the sandbox.

Setting up a sandbox with a twist

In order, what would the sandbox was unique and differed from its traditional performance of the four boards, you can use the following original ideas:

  1. Make a sandbox with his own hands, which will be easily mounted/dismounted. For this, we choose 30-40 about the same stumps, treated them with antiseptic and dig in the soil. Form sandbox can be very diverse, and in order to make it more useful for kids, choose hemp larger diameter (they will create small tracks, which child will be able to run).
  2. Using an old tractor tire can make a sandbox in the shape of a boat. For this, we choose a wooden stick, which will serve as a mast, fasten it to the rail and decorate in the shape of a boat.
  3. The same sandbox can be done in the form of a table. Even producers of children's sandboxes sometimes come to this unusual decision. Sandbox-table will be, the so-called, work place child, where the child will feel comfortable to build their houses out of sand.
Песочница из пеньков

Sandbox from stumps

There are many options for creating a children's sandbox with his own hands, the Internet provided a lot of original ideas, which you can also use the, the main thing, that was a desire to make a variant of the Playground with his hands.

User build an open sandbox for children

  1. Prepare the place for the sandbox. The main thing, that the child was always supervised by an adult, it is therefore recommended to build a sandpit opposite the kitchen window or on the front portion of the gardening area.
  2. Tearing a hole for a future sandbox. Recommended dimensions 2*2*0,4 meter (where the last depth)
  3. Create a bed of pebbles, gravel or small construction booth – this will serve as a drainage system
  4. At the corners of the pit trying to drive 4 wooden block, which will serve as supporting pillars of the structure.
  5. Each side nailed, planed one Board. Board in advance to be impregnated with antiseptic protective agent and want to paint it.
  6. To create a seat, on the edges of boards nailed horizontally mounted yet 2 either 4 Board (looking, how many benches you want).
  7. In the finished design sandbox fall asleep 15-20 centimeters of sand. It is recommended to use store-bought sand, river or career, because. they have the least amount of construction waste glass, stones etc. Before you fill the sand, it must be trotted through a sieve with a fine mesh.

User build a closed sandbox for children

To create a private sandbox, you must have:

  • 8 planed boards, long 1,2 meter (in the previous version was used 4 PCs)
  • Wood beam length 1 meter (sawn for pegs)
  • Door hinges
  • A sheet of plywood

Go to the construction of a closed sandbox with his own hands:

  1. Beginning of the construction of a closed sandbox similar to the previous option (an open sandbox): repeat items 1-5 no change.
  2. Start innovations: to the supporting bars nailed another layer of boards (above the lower)
  3. Make the lid of the sandbox. To do this, measure the side of the structure and cut appropriate size of sheet of plywood.
  4. Cut the finished sheet of plywood in half, screwing it to the hinges.
  5. To the sides of the sandbox fixed agrotextile, which must be spread on the bottom of the sandbox.
  6. Attach both pieces of plywood on opposite side of the sandbox with hinges, thereby fixing agrotextile. Cover the sandbox is ready.
  7. Painted ready sandbox bright paint, fall asleep in her sand and invite children to try out the build.

The advantage of closed sandbox is, he closes (from evening to morning), protecting the sand from debris, eliminating the hassle to care for sandbox.

Equip the Playground with swings

Rocking chair for kids

Качалка для детей

Rocking chair for kids

In order, what would a children's Playground was more diverse, it is recommended to establish simple structures for children are not rocking a fabulous animal: donkey, pony, sheep etc.

To make a Playground with cacalacky his hands is quite simple, the instruction as:

  1. Armed with the following materials: concrete solution, big spring, the shovel and the figure of the animal, where the child will sit
  2. Tearing a hole for the Foundation
  3. Pour the solution and insert it in one end of the spring, to a depth of, which will ensure stability when subjected to the weight of the baby.
  4. When the concrete hardens, to the upper end of the spring attachable figurine (it is recommended to equip the figure and seat, to ensure the safety of children entertainment)
  5. Observed, as the child is happy fun time on the Playground with a rocking chair, you have built with your own hands

The classic swing for children

Классические качели для детей

The classic swing for children

In order, that would make a classic swing for children, take a little time and improvised. User build a children's swing with his own hands following:

  1. To build the swing produced two 3-metre wooden bar, galvanized pipe diameter 6-7 cm (you can use a water pipe), the rope, seat with backrest.
  2. The first thing rips 2 pit, depth 60-70 cm. In the pit set wood (which you must handle protective antiseptic) and pour the solution, wait until hardens.
  3. On top of the slats fastened galvanized pipe, to which by means of ropes fastened seat.
  4. In order, what would the seat was more secure, corners it is recommended to whittle down to a streamlined shape.

You can also make the design more durable swing, what would it can ride and adults, and several people. To do this, instead of two supporting pillars installed immediately 6 (at 3 on each side, stacking them pyramid), this design will be much stronger and more stable. Similarly, instead of child seat you will need to install a more spacious seat, and a better bench, what would the adults could sit together and the kids skated friendly company.

In order, that would have been easier to sit on the swing, there is a good option seat – car wheel, it easy to fasten to the structure and it is more soft.

House for Playground

House Playground is one of the most important and attractive accessories, who wants to see a child in my garden (and no matter, as a child years). For kid suitable conventional tent or cloth hut, but older children want that their house resembled a miniature houses. In order, to build the first or the second version of the house, definitely you must use the tips, that we provide below.

Textile house for kid

Тканевый домик для малыша

Textile house for kid

This version of the house can be a regular tent, store-bought or tent, which can be easily build from branches, polished boards or stretched covers. A requirement for the building fabric of the house to have good ventilation and to protect the child from sunlight, therefore, the house of film in any case it is impossible to build!

In order, to build a fabric house with his own hands, you need to build a frame (it is better to use wooden blocks, because. metal pipes are more dangerous for children). Recommended team frame or buy easy-to-tent, which is not much different in price from the usual. The advantage of a modular skeleton – the ability to quickly clean up the house in bad weather and set it back, when the weather breaks.

If financial means allow you to restartitis to the Lodge for the Playground, it is best to choose the finished fabric houses with additional useful accessories: window, loophole, chairs, extendable table, etc., although these devices are not so difficult to do it yourself, if you have developed imagination.

The children's house of strong materials

Прочный домик для детей

Durable children's house

In order, what would a small child more or less resembled the main house, where sleeps the whole family, you want to make it from more durable material, than fabric. It is best to use materials such as Styrofoam, tree, plastic. View of the house can be quite varied: on the tree, piles, ground etc.

When you build a house at low altitude, you want to use the stairs, loopholes, ropes, on which children can climb inside of.

In order, what would the house was comfortable and cozy it is possible to add a table, a hammock, a slide for a quick descent to the ground, mini-fields for football, basketball etc. The main thing, what would respect safety fun in the house, we now take a break.

Security requirements when you build a Playground with their hands

The main criteria of the Playground is comfort and safety. Regarding the latter, for comfortable stay of children on the Playground, there are many accessories, which we have already talked, but security should be taken very seriously, because. children are prone to falls and any kind of injuries.

Security requirements the following:

  1. It is not recommended to use the stone and metal elements in the construction of the Playground, because. these materials are very hard and can cause a lot more damage, than a tree, foam, rubber etc.
  2. Avoid sharp edges design, I think, no need to explain, why this should be done
  3. Create on the Playground artificial shade using canopies or simply place the platform near the tree, that would be during the hot weather, the child has not received a sunstroke
  4. To build the Playground with their hands, use environmentally friendly materials
  5. As mentioned earlier, the location of the Playground should be in sight of adults.

Photo examples of playgrounds

We also recommend you to see photo examples of playgrounds, that will help you get inspired to hand-create the buildings:

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