The design of the bathroom

A bathroom can be combined (the toilet and tub in one room) either separate (bathroom in one room, and the toilet in another).

If the bathroom is combined, the design of the entire bathroom should be harmonious: bath and toilet should be made in one color.

Very often, the toilet is separated from bath by a screen or low brick walls (the wall on the belt)

To interior design separate bathrooms must be approached with imagination. In recent times it has become popular to create an interior bathroom with humorous graffiti, photo Wallpapers and posters.

An obligatory element of a separate bathroom should be a wash basin, design ideas which we have provided in this article.

It should also be noted, often bathrooms create modern, sea and minimalist style.

To your attention photo of design bathrooms separate and combined types:

We also recommend you to see the photo design ideas greatOh and little bathroom!

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