Design modern two-bedroom apartments

The interior of this one-bedroom apartment decorated in a modern style and, at first glance, a little overloaded with various accessories and trinkets.

Really unnecessary decorative interior load arose from the combination of different materials of the walls in each room.

Throughout the apartment are covered with different Wallpaper, wooden panels and the walls and the ceiling have unusual projections.

Complement the interior of one-bedroom apartment bright rugs, chairs and sofa.

Itself layout is the "highlight" of the interior: the hallway flows into the kitchen and living room, creating the effect of a large room.

Bathroom decorated in dark tones and has an interesting design: to bath stairs, and next to the bathroom features a stylish wooden lockers.

In the kitchen, combined with dining room, all furniture and equipment is modern and has a stylish design (especially the hood).

The most cautiously decorated bedroom: dark shades and a large window make the room comfort to relax.

To your attention photo design one-bedroom apartments in a modern style:

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