Effective protection for the car: garage and carport for villas with their hands

Every cottager carries on moving from the country home, carrying huge sacks products. Well, if such a move to implement on your own machine, because. bus movements to and from the mountain of bags is not very comfortable. In order, what would the machine in the country is not subjected to theft or damage by hooligans, it is necessary to equip a suburban area with Parking for cars and a sheltered location. That would create a carport with their hands enough to follow some of the nuances, which we now talk.
Before you build a shed for the garden with their hands, you need to prepare check in machine. Budget flooring is considered a lawn grass, which periodically have to be watered and cut. If financial means allow you to roam, it is recommended to put in for paving any of the homemade artificial stone tiles. The purpose of the coating is, that the car will be cleaner during a race in bad weather, and also will not zagruzat in the mud.

How to build a carport with your own hands?

Carport with your own handsA carport is in order, to protect it from rain and sunlight. That would create a carport with their hands, you need to make the arch and cover it with corrugated sheet or other suitable roofing material (for example, slate, film, awning, polycarbonate or with Onduline). If the canopy will be adjacent to the house, you just have to put some pipes and make a joint design with the roof of the house.

To create a carport will take several days and manual, we have provided below.

How to create a canopy under the car with his hands:

  1. You must first choose the shape of the roof. It is recommended to make it slightly rounded. This flexible pipe to the desired radius and a metal gusset plate attach the beam to the rack. On one rack you need to build two scarves. Built structure must be bolted and painted with paint to prevent corrosion.
Scheme of top designs

Scheme of top designs

  1. Pulling out of the pit, in which set foot supports for racks, connecting to asbestos cement pipes. The height of the finished canopy should be not less than 2,5 meters (based on the height of the machine and human growth).
  2. Strengthen design with a lag of profile pipes. The frame can be built of wood.
  3. Concreted stand, but only after, as fixed frame and leveled it, focusing on the building level.
  4. Proceed to the roof. Roofing material is fastened with screws or rivets.

Photo of a carport in the original version

Garage for the car, as the best option for safe storage of the vehicle

Previous versions, in the form of arrival and carport, are budget and not very functional. Capital Parking in the garage will be safer. When you build a garage for the car with his hands, you must carefully prepare the project and to knock out the estimate. Also, it should be decided, how long will be the construction. A temporary garage will be easy in installation/removal and has a lower cost of construction, but he will not be able to protect the vehicle from the effects of high and low temperature. As for a permanent garage, its advantages are much greater, namely:

  • A high level of burglar resistance up to. Major garage, you can build a security system.
  • Versatility (lighting, storage of spare parts, tools, etc.)
  • Complement the overall style of the gardening area. The garage can effectively Supplement composition, if you do it with the same material, as the house and other garden buildings.
  • Protection from temperature fluctuations. As the garage, hand made, has thick walls, the car will be protected from frost and high heat.

Trivia, which will make the Parking lot more functional

Playground and carport, hand made, you can equip some very useful features, among them:

  1. The conduction of electricity. Spotlight will help you to subdue the car even at night, and several outlets are clearly not to be redundant in this case. Lighting car Parking with the garden lights will enhance the safety on site.
  2. Summarizing utility. The water too will not be superfluous in the Parking lot, because. dirty machine you can just wash with hose, not carrying buckets of water.
  3. The creation of a drainage. In order, that the water does not stagnate under the car, create drainage holes, preferably from the water discharge.

To summarize we can say, that is not so important, what you pitch for your car: canopy, paved area or garage, the main thing, that the car will be somehow protected from enemies and bad weather conditions. We recommend you to equip your garden with garage, because. his defense is most effective.

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