The eclectic style is one of the most popular styles of interior design, because. includes several similar features styles. Difference eclectic style fusion, just is, that eclectic recombining similar styles, and fusion – contradictory.

The size of the room to create an interior eclectic no special requirements, but it is advisable to have a spacious room with large Windows (natural lighting never hurts),

To give a certain eclecticism in the interior difficult, because. you can connect a variety of styles: Baroqueclassicism-Empire, kitschpop art, minimalismhi-techconstructivism.

It should be noted, often the eclectic style used for connecting the more elegant styles, which we listed in the first group.

It is also very important aspect is the fact, it is impossible to connect more 3 styles in eclecticism, preferably only 2.

What would you could clearly imagine all the advantages of the eclectic style in the interior, offer you this photo gallery:

So I advise to familiarize yourself with these styles, as: Egyptian, Chinese, Moroccan.

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