24 Ideas Christmas decorations garden, garden and house with his own hands, improvised

New year, the holiday, we all look forward to and, probably, more than his birthday! Even a few weeks prior to this anniversary we are preparing gifts for loved ones, draw up a menu and carefully decorate the house with garden plot. About, how beautiful and original way to decorate the estate and will be discussed.

Ideas Christmas decorations cottages and gardensWe have, as in the West was adopted to decorate not only the inside of that house before the New Year, but outside. It is well, if on the way home, to triumph, we will raise even more festive mood, the brightly decorated garden and facade of the house! If the preparation of the festive menu can be left for the last days, the planning of the decorations must be carried out much earlier.

Christmas wreaths

Рождественские венки

Christmas wreaths

A common attribute of Christmas decorations Christmas wreaths are considered. As the theater begins with a hanger, and Christmas decoration starts with a wicket. Christmas wreaths of fir branches and cones will brightly decorate the entrance gate, the fence and door directly into the house.

Garlands of fir branches

Гирлянды из еловых веток

Garlands of fir branches and lanterns, as a decoration of the fence at new year.

To decorate the front of the house we use electric lights, serpentine, neon tape, bumps, bows, and garlands of fir branches. The latter will give your home even more Christmas atmosphere and mood.

Новогодние гирлянды украшающие фасад и придомовую территорию.

Christmas garlands decorate the facade and the local area.

Новогодние гирлянды

Living Christmas tree

Well, the main decoration for your Christmas garden, of course, can be considered a live tree. Even if your garden does not have its own Christmas tree, you can buy it in a special container, and in the spring to transplant into the soil.

Живая новогодняя ель - что может быть лучше, этот аромат нового года!

Living Christmas tree – what could be better, the scent of the new year!

Christmas toys with their hands

Ice toy

Ice toy on the Christmas tree in the garden, in the yard.

For this lesson, we always want more, especially if you have children, younger brothers/sisters/nephews. Christmas toys are quickly and easily created with your own hands, to do this, use foil, fabric, beads, rope, bumps, light bulb, colored paper, plastic and even ice, in General improvised.

Something to use for a basis, as a new year toy ice, to do this in cups yogurt, or in nest boxes of chocolates into the water, colored with watercolors and put in the freezer. Don't forget to put in the center of the wire or a piece of yarn, then that would be the original Christmas toy can be hung anywhere in the garden.

24 photo ideas create Christmas toys with their hands, improvised:

Festive illumination

Праздничная иллюминация

Holiday, Christmas illuminations of the facade of the house and trees in front of him.

But the final element of Christmas decoration is festive illumination. This includes fireworks, lamps and candles, placed throughout the garden plot, garden sculptures, made of snow and ice and all that, that will blend in and create the feeling of a New Year. You should not just forget about a snowman, cobbled together near the gate. It will protect your house from enemies and to lighten the mood by passing people.

Снежная баба

Snow and her kids – snowmen.

Video Christmas decoration from paper


So I advise to view lighting and decoration garden plot!

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