How to create a simple fountain in the country with their hands

The most unusual and fascinating hydraulic structure in the suburban area is the fountain. In order to make capital fountain with his own hands, you need to spend a lot of money, time and effort. We offer more than simple, but at the same time, functional fountain on the dacha, which does not require increased material costs and complex construction work. The technology of construction of this fountain read more.
Фонтан на даче своими руками

The fountain at the dacha with his hands

In order to make the fountain on the country with their hands with minimal cost of time and money, you can use the technology of construction of artificial pond, but only equip it with a submersible waterfall pump.So, for the construction of a simple fountain with his own hands, we need:

  • Bowl fountain (the example uses the old acrylic tub)
  • The cascade submersible pump
  • The lighting elements of the fountain (underwater and surface lights)
  • Various small architectural forms
  • A sheet of colored metal
  • Metal shears
  • Natural stones different shape and size
  • Shovel
  • Ornamental plants
  • Sand and gravel

The materials figured out, now go to the most technology of the fountain with his own hands.

Please note that, this technology is simplified, therefore, difficulties may arise with the discharge of dirty water from the fountain, because. highways drain and water will not. That would fill a Cup with water use manual labor (put the hose, or fill buckets), and that would drain the water from the bowl using ordinary "hatchechubbee" water fountain.

The first thing you need to pick a location to install the fountain. If you have a big enough piece of land with varying terrain, it is recommended to install a fountain in the hills, I'd like to watch its action from any point of the garden.

Then pulling out a pit for the fountain. The size of the pit must exceed the size of the bathroom 10 cm deep and sides, I'd like to align the bottom and it is convenient to immerse the bathroom in the pit.

Ванна в качестве емкости для фонтана

Bath as a container for fountain

Please note that, what is necessary to close holes bath (bottom and side) tubes, to prevent water seepage into the ground.

Mounted bathroom should not be above the level of the earth's surface, so be sure to select the appropriate depth of excavation.

That would give the old bathroom a decorative wrapping it in pieces of colored metal, who cut the scissors and put on the sides and bumpers of the future fountain.

The bottom of the tub, as Bank of fountain, need to decorate with natural stone, to hide all the joints of the metal and defects in the construction.

Next, begin to create lighting fountain. More detail you can see the types of lighting in fountain this article.

There is no need to attach additional underwater lights on the bottom, under its own weight and so they will not move anywhere.

After the lighting system will be installed, you need to fill in the fountain water and for beauty a little podsiniy its special chemical agent is methylene blue.

Toward the end of creating a simple fountain with his own hands, you need to install the unit, which, actually, and will carry out spraying water in the bowl. To do this, use the cascade submersible pump, which must be installed on the bottom of the bath center. Fasten the pump to, it's hard, so your location is unlikely to change. Please note that, that pump should be a suitable power, what would jet do not fly beyond the bathtub. Power can also be adjusted, installing the valve in the outlet from the pump, in this case, the regulation of the jet is performed by closing/opening the valve.

It remains only to decorate the created fountain, decorative plants and small architectural forms. You can also pour the shore of the fountain decorative gravel, which will give the construction a more luxurious look.

Украшение фонтана своими руками

The decoration of the fountain with his own hands

Finally I would like to add, what is this, the simplest fountain should be carefully monitored. On chemical agents care fountain and other artificial ponds we already wrote, therefore, read this information. Please note that, the replacement of the water in this fountain, you must take at least, than once a month.

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