How to build a frame and panel bath with his hands?

The material of manufacture of the traditional Russian Banya is a wood. Not all gardeners can afford the construction of baths from a frame, therefore cheaper, but at the same time, a commonly used material for the construction of baths are wooden planks and sticks, of which make the frame of lightweight construction. Next, we consider the process of construction of frame-panel bath with his hands, and the most popular designs of frame baths and a video lesson in making quick baths of this type.
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The benefits of building a frame-and-hollow-bath

Каркасно-щитовая баня

Frame and panel bath

The popularity of frame-panel bath earned for the following reasons:

  • Building easy, therefore, do not require long-term shrinkage (unlike the baths of the log)
  • Material costs for the construction of frame-panel baths are fewest
  • The volume of work are also relatively small
  • For the construction of frame-panel bath need to have the minimum skills to work with wood
  • Because of the thermal mass timber frame and panel bath, easy to heat up to working condition
  • Wooden boards can be finished with any material (inside, and outside)
  • Frame-and-panel floor bath is relatively long-lasting construction

The only real disadvantage karkasno-panel baths is not monolithic design (box baths assembled from separate boards), consequently it is necessary to carry out high-quality heat, paro- and waterproofing baths.

Projects-frame baths

Before proceeding to the construction of frame-panel bath with his hands, choose a suitable type of construction. This will depend on the complexity of the work and the amount of material.

We offer the most popular designs-frame baths:

Selecting the appropriate type of construction, go to the main issue of the article: "How to build a frame and panel bath with his hands?".

Technologies of construction of frame-panel bath

The construction of frame-panel of the bath is not a particularly difficult process, important carefully read the following information and complete all the steps with utmost responsibility.

Stage 1 – Selection and calculation of materials

At this stage, you must knock out the estimates for the materials according to the project of a bath, as well as to determine the type of building materials.

We recommend you to use the following materials for the construction of frame-panel bath with his hands:

  • To create a frame baths: wooden beams (120*120 mm), wooden Board (150*30 mm), wooden bars (75*40 mm).
  • Finish bath inside and out: lining, cement bonded particle boards (DSP), OSB or siding
  • Insulation baths: mineral wool
  • Paro- and waterproofing baths: the foil material, roofing material
  • The Foundation of baths: ready piles or constituents of the concrete mix: cement, sand, gravel
  • Fixing materials: nails, metal corners, screws for wood, etc.
  • Roofing material (according to your taste, it is better to choose a roofing material laid on the same residential building)

Just don't forget about that, you need to buy Windows, door, furnace heater and the rest of the bath.

Stage 2- The construction of the Foundation

At this stage it is necessary to prepare the soil and begin to create the Foundation of the panel-frame baths. Since the construction is easy, you can use the construction pile Foundation. If soils pocasie, better to give preference to slab either strip Foundation.

In this article, we decided to use construction of pile Foundation, because. this will save not only time on the construction of baths, but the total material costs.

Свайный фундамент для бани

Pile Foundation for bath

After, all piles will be constructed, laid on ground beams, fixing timber to each other via a connection "in a paw" or "half-tree". Before, how to securely connect the ground rail, check its levelness with a level.

On the plinth of stacked roofing material, to provide high-quality waterproofing basement, then move on to the construction of frame baths.

Stage 3 – Create a frame baths

During the design of the baths was necessary to calculate the exact number of vertical racks of a skeleton. If the room is small in size and without partitions, it is enough to install vertical posts at the corners. Otherwise, you need to install the intermediate uprights at intervals of 60 cm along the perimeter of the bath.

Каркас бани

Frame baths

The corner upright of the frame of the bath should have a section 120*120 mm, intermediate – 75*40 mm. Between vertical posts connected to upper and lower piping. The main vertical stand installing, otherwise, the design will be skewed and certainly short-lived. To monitor the verticality of the uprights of the frame, you must use a construction level and plumb. During installation, each upright need to fix her braces. The walls of frame baths need to collect, alternately and secured to the ground bar nails. Immediately needed to insulate the walls of the bath, and to protect from moisture (to do this, read the relevant articles).

Устройство каркасно-щитовой бани

Device panel-frame baths

Stage 4 – Create the roof of the bath

Каркас бани с крышей

The frame of the roof baths

After, as the skeleton of the walls of the bath will be created, proceed to the installation of the roof. To learn in detail about the construction technology of the roof of the bath you can this article.

Please note only, that frame and panel bath an easy build, which is very negatively will affect the pile of snow in the winter, as well as a heavy roofing material. It is recommended to do a gable roof with roof rafters. Do not forget to insulate the roof and protect from precipitation, membrane film.

It is also necessary to create the ceiling in the bath. Because. the construction is easy, better to do the bath without attic office. Ceiling mounting is carried out using beams (wooden bars 75*40 mm). The design of the ceiling in the bath as follows:

Конструкция потолка в бане

The design of the ceiling in the bath

Stage 5 – Create partitions and flooring

There is very little – to create a floor in the bath and the partition between the dressing room, steam room, a relaxation room and a washing compartment. Sex in the bath create, depending on the type of Foundation. It is preferable to carry out wooden floor to drain water into the sewer system. To do this, boards should be laid at a slight slope to the sewer.

Partitions in frame-and-panel bath should be made of wood, about, how to mount, read here.

Stage 6 – The final event

Завершаем строительство каркасно-щитовой бани

Complete the construction of panel-frame baths

So, bath is almost ready. At the final stage, you need to insert the Windows, door, and sheathing frame and panel bath, with the two sides finishing material.

You can then equip bath furniture, elements interior, oven and various bath accessories.

That's the whole technology of construction of frame-panel bath with his hands. More detail you can see the process of construction baths video lessons.

Video tutorial of construction of frame-panel bath

We offer several training video lessons on, how to make frame and panel bath with his hands:

Construction of frame baths
Frame bath for three weeks

We also recommend you to read the article: construction of wooden baths with their hands!

Construction of frame baths
Frame bath for three weeks
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