How to implement the search, powder and lawn aeration?

In addition, the lawn needs to be regularly watered, mow and fertilize, there are plenty of activities on the equally important lawn care: aeration, powder, mopping etc. If you do not perform these activities, the lawn may be subjected to diseases and lose its appeal. Next, we'll talk about that, how to implement these support measures lawn care.
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Combing the lawn

Прочесывание газона

Combing the lawn

Combing the lawn should implement, at least, 1 once a year. This type of lawn care involves cleaning lawn grass from felt, garden waste, weeds and moss. Also combing the lawn are so good, as pruning the roots, upon holding a rake. When pruning the roots, lawn grass grows more, making a green carpet tighter.

Combing the lawn should take place after chemical fight with moss and weeds, a couple of weeks after their treatment. In this case, you not only take away all the garden rubbish, but will get rid of moss.

Combing the lawn – video example

The season combing the lawn is, as a rule, autumn (after the last haircut) or spring.

Also allowed to sweep the lawn in the summer, but only on a separate, require this event, sites, because. in summer, the sweep of the lawn may lead to slower growth of turf grass.

Another benefit of combing the lawn – open air access to the root system of plants (so to speak, micro-aeration).

Aeration of the lawn

Аэрация газона

Aeration of the lawn

Lawn care services in the form of aeration is necessary and is performed several times per season. As the lawn is watered often and dry under the hot sun, the soil begins to slightly harden, thereby preventing access of fresh air to the roots of turf grass. If it disrupts the airflow, the lawn is subjected to various diseases, loses its decorative appearance and begins to die.

The same solid ground slows down the water drainage, with the result that water stagnates on the lawn and the grass starts to rot.

Aeration of the lawn – video example

Aeration of the lawn is a measures for the creation of many small deep holes throughout the area of the lawn using a garden fork, special tool – aerator.

Lawn aeration, or rather soil, you must carry out after combing the lawn (in the fall) and then, when there is an urgent need (water is not coming, lawn grass starts to hurt, etc.).

The depth of the holes during the aeration the lawn should be at least 7 cm, preferably 10-15 cm.

Apart from the garden fork, and hand aerators are also more professional equipment – slitter, creating a thin strip in the soil, which simultaneously cut the roots of the grass. Slattery suitable for large areas of lawn, requiring aeration, because. manual process is very time consuming.

In addition to soil aeration, you can also carry out ear piercing, which is distinguished by the depth of the holes (as a rule, to 3 cm). Perforations create to improve the drainage properties of the soil in the summer season.

Prisypanija lawn

Присыпание газона

Prisypanija lawn

After, as you perform the autumn sweep and aeration of the soil necessary to complete the logical chain is not less important event for caring for lawn grass – lawn prisypannom.

Very often gardeners purposely don't spend time on this event, though prisypanija turf has the following advantages:

  • The creation of drainage if the lawn is on a heavy soil
  • Additional moisture retention on light soils
  • The alignment of the turf site
  • Sprinkled the soil allows you to grow the root system of the lawn

For seeding a lawn using the following mixture: peat (or compost) + clay + sand. The ratio may be different, because. it all depends on the soil under the turf.

We offer 3 the form of a mixture, depending on the soil:

For heavy soil: 1 the share of peat/2 fraction of clay/4 share of sand

For clay soils: 1 the share of peat/ 4 the proportion of clay/ 2 the proportion of sand

For sandy soil: 2 the share of peat/4 fraction of clay/1 share of sand

On 1 m2 the lawn takes about 1,3 kg created mixture, that was pre-screened of debris and large stones.

Distribute the mixture on the lawn you must use a shovel, a thin layer (no more 2 cm) throwing evenly over the surface. The spilled mixture can be further razravnyat garden rake.

So you got acquainted with such measures lawn care, as the combing, aeration and lawn powder. As you can see, it's very simple, the main thing is not lazy and then your lawn will be attractive and durable!

Combing the lawn – video example
Aeration of the lawn – video example
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