How to prepare the soil under the lawn?

The soil for lawn grasses, you can compare Foundation for capital construction. In both cases, the underlying layer should be reliable and quality, otherwise, after a short period of time all the efforts will turn into deep failure. So, preparing the ground for a lawn, you need to do everything efficiently and in accordance with the recommendations. Next, we'll talk about that, how to prepare the ground for a lawn!

Well of course if you have a site with fertile soil, which is also called "garden". This soil, as a rule, thick 20-25 cm, has a black color and well perekidyvaetsya. For the preparation of such a soil under the lawn is only required to smooth the surface and remove weeds (if any). But what, if the area under the lawn consists of clay shale, which has no fertility? Then you have to carry out thorough preparation of the soil, we now discuss.

Плодородная почва

Fertile soil

Technology of preparation of soil for lawn

Soil preparation for lawn with his hands includes several stages, namely:

1. Removal of weeds and other vegetation from the site under the lawn. It is recommended to use a non-selective herbicide. Please note that, when working with this chemical agent must strictly comply with the instructions, otherwise, the herbicide may not work. As a rule, the effect of the drug is carried out within 3 weeks.

Удаление сорняков гербицидом

Removal of weeds by herbicide

2. Preparation of the earth's surface: clean from garden debris and stones. Further, the territory is cleaned from all kinds of garbage, which may interfere with lawn mowers, as a rule, these are stones of various sizes and existing stumps (their need to uproot).

 Подготовка земной поверхности: очистка от садового мусора и камней

Preparation of the earth's surface: clean from garden debris and stones

3. PRVvedenie communications in the future lawn. That would not further damage the integrity of the lawn carpet, constructing the drainage and doing the garden path, all this should be done immediately, while lawn grass not yet seeded. If the aquifer is deep, it will be enough to build surface drainage, otherwise, you will have to create a more labour – intensive, deep drainage.

Проведение дренажной системы

Provide drainage system

4. Soil preparation for lawn. At this stage it is necessary to replace the existing soil more fertile. This problem can be solved in two ways: complete replacement of soil or enrichment of old. Complete replacement of the soil is more time-consuming process and it entails the removal of the upper 20-cm layer of barren soil and sleep in the formed ditch of his own to create fertile soil. That would create a fertile soil with their hands to mix the sand, peat, manure and loam in the following proportions: 1 the share of manure + 2 the share of peat + 2 the proportion of sand + 1 the proportion of loam. All the ingredients to mix thoroughly and fill the pit. The enrichment of the old soil is a much simpler process and is the mixing of all the above items using pereopisanie soil. It's very simple, it is necessary to pour out the peat, manure, sand and loam on the site of the future lawn and hand dig the area with a shovel, as a result, all components are thoroughly mixed among themselves, and the soil will become fertile.

5. Alignment prepared lawn soil. Surface irregularities in the form of pits contribute to the formation of puddles on the lawn, that is bad not only from the aesthetic side, but for the growth of grass, because. it will begin to rot with excessive water saturation. Surface irregularities in the form of bumps will negatively affect the health of the lawn mower: she starts to mow the lawn unevenly, and the knife becomes blunt when it hit the ground. What would leveling the soil, you must use the rake and go through them all square on the pitch in the transverse and longitudinal direction. If along the way you will come across blocks of land, break them. As soon as you level the soil, fill the area with water, let the ground gives way, then align all the irregularities.

Выравнивание подготовленной для газона почвы

Alignment prepared lawn soil

6. Compaction of the soil manual roller. The leveled soil must be carefully compacted hand roller to create a smooth surface, then you can start sowing lawn grass.

Утрамбовка почвы ручным катком

Compaction soil manual roller

Tips on preparing soil for a lawn

We offer a few tips on preparing the soil for the lawn with their hands:

1. When creating fertile soil to adjust the acidity, using chalk and lime. The acidity is low, if the pH is less than 5.

2. That would effectively silence the weeds leave prepared and leveled ground for a few weeks. During this time, all remaining weeds will be released on the earth, and it will be possible to completely exterminate a herbicide.

3. For ploughing the soil is better to use tiller.

Использование мотокультиватора для обработки почвы

Use the tiller for cultivating soil

4. If the area under the lawn is composed of sandy rocks, add a little loam and Vice versa.

That's all, what you should know about, how to prepare the soil under the lawn with their hands!

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