How to choose the right door for bath: an overview of available options

Today, there are three most popular variants of doors for bath. First, classic, deaf wooden doors. Second, a more modern version, glass doors for bath. And the third, the optimal ratio of materials – wood with glass, combined doors for bath. Next, we'll talk about that, what kind of doors should give preference to, creating the internal arrangement of the bath.

Deaf wooden doors for bath

Деревянные двери в баню

Wooden door to the bath

Deaf wooden doors for bath are classics of the genre. Now there are many finished products, different design and material. The last should stay, because. from varieties of wood will depend on many things.

Wooden door catalog can be manufactured from various grades of wood. Cheap product manufacturing made of alder, pine, Linden and aspen. The disadvantage of these varieties of trees, lower durability and heat.

More expensive wooden doors for bath made of oak, abash and cedar. Now we will tell the advantages of these varieties of trees.

Abash is famous for its lightness. Doors from Abasha are easy to open, and they will be sagging on the hinges and other deformations. The advantage of Abasha in, that it is slightly heated, resulting in to get burned on the handle in the steam room you are unlikely.

As for oak, this grade of wood known for its strength and durability. In the past centuries Foundation for a bath was presented to the lower crown of oak, and the crown didn't collapse under the negative influence of the weather conditions for many years. Wooden oak doors to the bath are a reliable insulator, so the warmth of the steam will not be too quick to leave.

Canadian cedar is a luxury grade wood doors for the deaf. The cedar advantage – high resistance to moisture, and medicative properties of wood.

Glass doors for bath

Modern material for the manufacture of doors for the bath is a tempered glass. Its advantage compared to wood is higher durability. Glass will not succumb to rot, it is easy to wash, moreover, the insulating properties of the glass doors in the order above, thanks to special seals, which are set by the manufacturer over the entire inner contour of the door frame.

The drawback of glass in, it heats up, therefore, there is an option to burn, if the temperature in the steam room has reached the desired level.

Choosing tempered glass for glass doors in bath, you will provide a more safe conditions of rest. Though it is difficult to break the 8-millimeter glass, but if that happens you won't get hurt, because. in this case, the fragments are tiny and not sharp (features tempered glass).

Manufacturers of glass doors for saunas have a wide range of products, as with frosted glass, and with fully transparent, therefore, for the creation of a particular situation you can always choose the right door.

As for the interior of the bath with glass doors, it is usually the design moves away from the classic Russian and moves to the more modern.

Combined doors for bath

As we have said, the glass doors didn't quite fit into the interior of the Russian bath, which is famous for wooden wall paneling, the ceiling and other elements of the steam room.

In this case, if deaf wooden doors is not to your liking, you can use the average option, the composite door catalog. These products represent a wooden door with a glass window. Today, there are many design options composite door, so you can choose the right products for your design baths.

That's all the options of doors for bath, which can be purchased. Please note that, the cost of these products is quite high, but it is justified by the quality and high thermal insulating properties of doors.

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