How to choose the right pumping station for the suburban area?

It is very common for a country house inherent problem, due to lack of water. This is due to the fact, the hosts in advance is not taken care of a stable water supply. As a result, businesses look for solutions to this problem. One of the best options is to install a pumping substation, which we now discuss.

Насосная подстанция для дачного участкаAs we are all accustomed to centralized water supply, water extraction in the traditional way with a bucket and the well is a bit problematic for us. Moreover, the amount of water, necessary to cover all the needs in the suburban area is very large. In addition to ordinary water demand, such as watering, shower and drink, in a modern country house used many elements of garden decor, which also need water (fountains, pools, artificial ponds, etc.), therefore, the amount of water, required for a suburban area should be as large as possible, and the feed should be stable. It is for good use pumping substations, which are installed in a well or borehole.

The solution to the problem of supply in a country house

Решение проблемы водоснабжения в загородном доме

The solution to the problem of supply in a country house

As mentioned earlier, independent water supply with pumping substation is the best option to solve the lack of water. Regarding the price of the pump equipment, it is very optimal and quite affordable.

The biggest problem of the Autonomous water supply is the right choice of equipment, what now will be discussed.

There are two popular schemes of water supply for suburban area: by wells and use the well.

For the first scheme it is necessary first to drill a well. It is best to deal with its drilling, the selection of equipment and establishment of communication systems in conjunction with the design of the estate and all scheduled garden buildings. This is necessary in order, it would be no problem to place elements of the water at different parts of the territory (the basement, the basement, adjacent buildings, etc.). The advantage of the simultaneous construction of the house and creating water is, when properly drafted the project, eliminates the need for additional equipment protection from freezing in winter. If all the major elements of the pumping substation to have in one place, this will significantly improve convenience for its maintenance and repair.

How to choose a pumping substation?

The main factor, that you need to consider when choosing equipment – depth, where overlain by water layers. From this depth depends on the type of pump substation, and this means that the method of lifting water to the surface.

If the depth of the well does not exceed the in 20 meters, then you should choose the automatic pumping station, includes deep pump and hydrophore. The merit of such equipment in high reliability and ease of use. The tank does not need an intermediate tank for collecting water and special equipment, which will regulate its content, this means, the price and design complexity will be much less. The principle of operation is also quite simple – the water rises to the pipeline, and the tank this time protecting pipes from water hammer and pressure drop.

Regarding option, when the depth of the well exceeds 20 meters, in addition to deep well pump, in this case there is a need for additional hardware, namely:

  • Intermediate water tank (it is initially supplied water from the well)
  • Automation, controlling the upper and lower water level in the intermediate container (she turns off the pump, if the level is below the low or the tank is critically overcrowded).
Схема установки насосной станции в доме

The scheme of installation of a pumping station in the house

If you have already built up the entire garden area and only then learned about the equipment of the area with water by wells, consider the following features of pumping substations:

  1. Do not engage in the drilling of a borehole away from home, because. even the most powerful pump is not enough, that would give the water to the surface, and with the surface in the manor. If there is no way of placing the wells near the house, it is necessary to include in the system one pump. The first will serve for the issuance of water on the surface, and the second to circulate water within the boundaries of the entire gardening area.
  2. Reliably isolate the well and all the adjacent communication means for delivery of water. If the well is to be located at great depth, it's necessary to isolate and water tank. With regard to the pipeline to the house, it is necessary to lay the pipe obliquely in the direction of the borehole and it is desirable not to create abrupt jumps in height or kinks.
  3. Keep the communication reliable from freezing depth. For our region it is recommended to lay pipes is not higher than 1,5 meters from the earth's surface. It is also not hurt to insulate pipes with mineral wool or other special materials.

The configuration of the pumping substations

Виды насосных подстанций

The types of pumping substations

There are Monotube and twin-tube substation. As we all a very important question about saving money, it is necessary to choose the right equipment, whose power and will affect the amount of electricity consumed (especially since most pumps work permanently).

As for Monotube pumping substations, their design is way simpler, than the twin-tube units, because the water enters the pump via a single line. Installation of equipment also takes less time. Twin-tube the substation is able to pump water from greater depths, while spending less energy, because. the feature of their designs allows to discharge the flow of water not just the impeller, but due to the inertia of the flow, which circulates in a circle (2 contour).

The pump can be submersible either surface. Submersible pumps are more silent (because. work, somewhere deep in the well/the well), but have significant drawbacks: the inconvenience of maintenance and repair, and a higher price. So if you set surface the pump in the basement, the problem with noise will be not so significant.

Поверхностный насос

Surface pump

Well the water area by means of pumping substation

In order, to make the water flow from the well, remember, what quantity of this water, should meet the needs of the whole family. Therefore, when buying a pump, it is recommended to add it to the water tank and the special automation of switching on/off of the pump or even easier, to select a specific substation, which all these fitted.

It is worth considering the fact, that any equipment designed for a certain number of inclusions and may be subject to breakage if used improperly. Also, the pump turns off when large surges and drops in water level in the well to a minimum.

Also important moment can be considered the fact, that the purchased capacity is filled not completely, but only on 1/3 its volume.

Don't forget about pressure loss, caused by resistance in the pipes. Therefore, select the pump considering the fact, that the vertical sections the resistance is much higher, than horizontal, and therefore the pump power must be higher.

As of today, there are many domestic, and foreign manufacturers of pumping substations, the selection and purchase of these units will not be big difficulties. So when faced with the problem of water supply of the garden plot, check hardware specifications, and you can immediately start to tackle this problem! I advise you also to read articles about, as create Russian well with their hands and how to choose and to install a submersible pump at their summer cottage!

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