How to choose and plant seeds for the lawn?

The first step in creating the lawn of your hands is to buy seeds, but rather mixtures of seeds, which form bright green lawn covering. Buy seeds important step, so before you buy your first, caught the eye of turf grass seeds, you need to know, that they will succeed in the future and what shortcomings have each of them. Next, we'll talk in detail about the most popular seed for lawn, and also about technologies of their planting and care of young turf.

The selection of seeds for the lawn: advantages and disadvantages of different types

Выбор семян для газона

The selection of seeds for the lawn

The first step is to draw your attention to the fact, what seeds for lawn differ in their appearance, or rather a view of the future of the lawn (it can be ground, Moorish, etc.). As seeds are divided into shade-tolerant, wear resistant, elite and other, depending on conditions in the suburban area. There is also a mixture of herbs and Microclover. All kinds of seeds for the lawn we will discuss read more.

Elite grass seed mixture

Элитная газонная смесь - внешний вид газона

Elite grass seed mixture – appearance of the lawn

Elite grass seed mixture suitable for creating lawns in a luxurious dacha. With these seeds you can create this type of lawn, but in this case caring for lawn grass must be thorough and daily, otherwise the plants will quickly lose its attractive appearance.

In the elite grass seed blend contains the following herbs, as red fescue hard, dinality fescue and sheep fescue. Each of these herbs has a neat narrow leaves, what makes a lawn a luxurious and attractive.

Advantage elite lawn mixture is the best decorative appearance of the lawn. As for disadvantages this type of seed, they include:

  • On this lawn it is forbidden to go, because. grass does not tolerate mechanical damage
  • Under elite lawn mixture it is necessary to smooth the surface to perfection, otherwise, all the irregularities will be immediately visible

Based on this, we do not recommend you to choose elite lawn mixture, if your summer cottage, you appear on the weekends.

Wear-resistant seeds for the lawn

Износоустойчивые семена для газона детской площадки

Wear-resistant seeds for the lawn of the Playground

Wear-resistant seeds are ideal for gardeners, because. they are easy to care for, have a decorative appearance and can withstand trampling, so it can pass, children to play etc.

For wear resistant lawn using grass seeds pasture of agrisa and chaff. You can also use a variety of broad leaved turf grass.

To advantage wear resistant seed for the lawn can be attributed to their rapid growth, the cheapness and ease of care.

Disadvantages these seeds is not so attractive, like elite lawn mix, and frequent mowing of grass, because. it grows quickly.

Shade tolerant seeds for lawn

Теневыносливые семена для газона в тени

Shade-tolerant seed for the lawn in the shade

Selection of shade-tolerant seed for the lawn you need to implement, if your site is in the shade. The advantages of this type of seeds speaks for itself.

Among the grasses to create a shade tolerant lawn secrete a thin bentgrass, the fescue dinolist, and red fescue.

A mixture of grass and Microclover lawn

Смесь травы и микроклевера для газона - Мавританский газон

A mixture of grass and Microclover lawn – Moorish lawn

If you have a flourishing suburban area, the seed mixture lawn grass and Microclover is perfect for you.

The advantages of this mixture of seeds:

  • Attractive appearance of the lawn
  • Cheapness of seed
  • A drought resistant lawn
  • Weakly affected by moss, weeds and diseases
  • Requires careful maintenance
  • Not too dependent on fertilizers
  • If the lawn starts to rot, roots excrete nitrogen, that helps fertilizer lawn grass
  • The lawn can be cut lawn mower
  • Lawn of Microclover and grass independently displaces weeds

As for disadvantages a blend of herbs and Microclover lawn, the most significant are considered:

  • The impossibility of processing turf herbicide (this will kill the Microclover)
  • The lawn is not perfectly flat

As you can see, there are more benefits than disadvantages, so it makes sense to choose these seeds for the lawn.

How to plant seeds for the lawn?

To carry out the sowing of seeds for the lawn must be either in the late spring, or in early autumn. Is recommended to sow the soil with seeds in the fall, because. at this time, often rains, required for fast growing of seeds.

Planting the seeds needed in warm calm weather. There are several ways to plant the seeds for the lawn with their hands, namely:

  • Manually eye. The most unreliable method, because. in this case, the lawn may not be the same density in different places.

    Посев семян вручную

    Sowing of seeds manually

  • Using a wooden frame. This way I use very often. All you need, it is to put together a wooden frame with sides 1*1 meter, lay it on the prepared lawn soil according to the recommendations on the package (it shows the number of seeds per 1 m2)to fill the required number of seeds in a frame. Then move the frame and repeat the process again and so on until until you the eye is not able to determine the number of seeds on 1 m2.
  • Using a spreader-seeder. This way of planting seeds for the lawn requires the purchase of the tool, and if you are seriously engaged in lawn, be sure to get the drill. All you need, this pour half the required amount of seeds in a container and go all the station areas along the site. Then pour the other half and sow seeds in strips across the plot. As a result, you will be able to plant seeds for the lawn quickly and evenly.

    Использование разбрасывателя-сеялки

    The use of spreader-seeder

Measures of protection of the seeds during growth of the lawn

Once you sow the seeds on the soil necessary to protect the lawn, while the grass height reaches 3-4 cm. During this time the seeds of the lawn can harm birds – they love to ride in the dust, thereby damaging the uniformity of seeding. That would frighten the birds poutical into the soil branches, decorating their various reflective objects (for example, CDs). So it is recommended to protect the seed using stretched over the entire area of lawn garden nonwoven fabric.

When the seeds grow, the fabric can be removed, because. birds will no longer be pests of turf.

Now you need to follow the, that no one would go on the lawn, because. the grass is still quite weak, even if wear-resistant seeds.

Watering the seeds

Полив семян с помощью системы автополива

Watering the seeds with auto-irrigation system

It is not recommended to water the seeds, until the seedlings sprout. If you are already watering, do this continuously, because. if we can stop the growth of the seed stops, until the rains begin.

Watering should be using dodewaard installations (irrigation systems) either from a hose, but with nozzle.

The soil should be impregnated deeply, what would the root system of lawn grass was developed in search of moisture.

To carry out irrigation is necessary in the morning or in the evening.

Application seed

Укатка семян ручным катком

Application seed manual roller

After, as you sow the seeds of lawn grasses, it is not allowed to walk on them for 1,5 months. Next, you need to roll the green carpet (by this time his height will be around 3-4 cm) using manual garden rink. Application of seed is necessary in order that would have formed the new shoots of lawn grass and the carpet was more dense.

The first haircut a young lawn

Первая стрижка молодого газона

The first haircut a young lawn

As soon as the height of a young lawn will exceed 5 cm, allowed to carry out the first mowing the lawn. For this you need to use the mower manually adjust the height of mowing and to set the knives the same way, what would grass squinted in 1,5 cm, and the rest 3,5 cm remained intact.

During the first cutting of the lawn as the mechanical removal of weeds.

That's all, I would like to tell you about that, how to choose and plant the seeds for the lawn with their hands! Please note that, what rolled lawn less hassle, but its durability and attractive view of the order below!

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