How to make a wooden bath with his hands: step by step instructions + tips for building

Well, we went to the most popular and useful construction at their summer cottage – bath. To date, most of the cottages has such a construction, because. it not only increases immunity and improves health, but is for a company. In order, to build a bath with his own hands, you must know a lot of nuances, we will now provide.
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Where and how to place the bath on a plot of?

Баня на даче своими руками

Banya at the dacha with his hands from a bar

In order, what would the construction lasts as long as possible and was easy to operate, consider the following requirements for its location:
1. Do not install the bath is very close to the pond, because. there is a risk of flooding

2. Bath you can attach to a house or to make a separate building, and that variant is good in its own right

3. It is best to build a sauna in the back garden, her backyard pergolas with climbing plants and adding to the composition a small fountain or pool, which will be useful after the sauna

4.In order, what would bath, attached to the dwelling-house or other building, don't spoil the whole stay unpleasant odors, you should carefully consider the ventilation system, and seriously waterproofing baths

5. It is not recommended to build a sauna on the front portion of (near the road)

6. Bath, like any other building, it is recommended to build on the South side of the site, what would the sun's rays falling on its area, and the wind does not interfere with the rest

7. In order to fire safety, it is recommended to build a sauna away from the others

8. To protect themselves from disturbances of neighbors, who can complain about your noise during rest, or odors (if not complied with sanitary norms), better to build a bath away from the fence, which separates you from the neighbor's house

9. Window of the bath should be taken on the West side

10. The minimum distance from the well or wells shall be 20 meters

The most convenient drawings for the construction of baths with their hands

In order, that would stay in the bath as comfortable as it is necessary to consider its layout. Since most baths are built in sizes, not less than 3,5*3,5 meter, and the building itself must have at least a steam room, the break room, dressing room and washroom, it is recommended to use the following drawings to build a bath with his hands:

In addition to the General drawing of the construction, you need to make a visual diagram of building components baths: Foundation, roof, mounting frame, the floor and ceiling and one of the most important design and placement of the furnace bath.

After, as the drawing bath will be drawn, proceed to the next stage – the calculation of the amount of materials needed for the construction of baths with their hands.

The materials for the bath

In order, to build a sauna, size is 3.7*3.7 m we need to get the following materials:

  • Timber or log (depending on, some bath you will build: from a frame or from a bar)
  • Board for flooring. It is recommended to choose a 4-meter edged Board size 150*50mm (25 PCs)
  • Board for ceiling. It is best to apply the lining, thickness not less than 20 mm and a width of 100 mm. (38 PCs)
  • Board for interior decoration. You can use the same battens, which was used to create the ceiling (about 195 PCs, long 3 m).
  • The material for vapor barrier (it is best to choose the vapour-barrier foil), you need 52 sqm. material
  • Material for waterproofing walls (it is recommended to use heat insulation material is laid), 45 sqm.
  • Mineral wool for heat insulation ceiling, 14 sqm.
  • Insulation of wooden elements from overheating (asbestos sheet). Stacked on the wall of the bath near the stove, as well as on the boards, near the chimney.
  • Loose Foundation (sand, cement, crushed stone)
  • Roofing material. It is recommended to use the same material, which was blocked by the roof of the dwelling and other garden buildings, whatever style of garden in harmony.
  • Megalencephaly insulation (moss, tow, Lovelock etc.)
  • You should pay attention to, that the bath should be built in the spring and summer, because. purchased wooden material should be carefully dried.
  • Cement is recommended to buy for 2 weeks prior to the start of construction, because. over time, it can lose its properties.

How to build a wooden bath with his hands: step by step instructions

Bath construction is a very complex and time consuming process, therefore, it is recommended to use the help of experts. Begin to build a sauna with the Foundation and finishing with the decoration of the finished building. Consider a phased instructions to create the bath with his hands:

Step 1 – Prepare the area

First, selected a place under the bath must be clean from garden debris. Because. type of Foundation by this time will already be selected (columnar, belt or pile), the soil is as necessary to prepare, but more on that below.

Step 2 – Pour the Foundation of the baths themselves

Пример столбчатого фундамента для бани

An example of a pier Foundation for a bath

It is recommended to use for building bath with his hands pier Foundation, because. it requires less flow rate of the solution and sufficient to create a sustainable design. For mortar use cement, sand and gravel. The hole for the Foundation must be deep 1-1,5 meter. After he dug a hole, create a layer of gravel and sand (pillow no more 15 cm), which poured the Foundation. As for pier Foundation is recommended to use asbestos-cement columns or concrete slabs. Bathed in the solution should be given time to harden (a few days). As soon as the poles freeze, between them is placed the wall in a half-brick.

Step 3 – Erected the wall of the bath

Возводим стены бани

Erected the wall of the bath

The wall of the bath it is best to build with timber or log. The last option is more acceptable, but cash costs will be much more.

It should be noted, before the construction of baths with their hands, you need to treat all wooden materials of the protective antiseptic means, that will prevent rotting, auto-ignition and damage to wood by insects.

If you chose the construction of baths using log, you should pay attention to, because logs can be "linked" together with the following structures:

  • "In the bowl" – this link will provide protection from rain and wind, because. the ends of the logs will go beyond the walls
  • "In a paw" is a bundle of logs is reminiscent of dovetail
  • In the end the pile – in one beam creates a groove, in another spike

You should pay special attention to, between the logs is necessary to lay the insulation givenaway, which will protect the building from rain, the snow and cold.

After, as the wall was built of, immediately we can close the floor and ceiling, and close the roof, install Windows and doors.

Step 4 – Create a steam room in the bathhouse stove and shelves

Steam in the bath should have two main components: oven and shelves.

Shelves can only be for the seat (to 60 cm in length) and in order, that would be totally lying (1,9 meters). There are various types of shelves: in view of the, flat or with a small support for the head, it all depends on your imagination and preferences.

In order, that would warm up the bath, you can use pipe with water (or gas), electric heaters or the most popular traditional option – oven-stove.

Oven-stove should be in the corner steam room. If you build a bath with his own hands without the help of a specialist, it is recommended to buy a sauna heater, because. its creation requires special skills and knowledge in bricklaying, construction of chimney etc.

After, as the design of the bath will be fully established, it supplied electricity and water, and create the sewer to drain the water.

Step 5 – Complement the finished bath traditional accessories

Дополняем готовую баню традиционными аксессуарами

Complemented by the finished bath traditional accessories

What would the bath was really "Russian", it must be supplemented by the following accessories:

  • Wooden mug for podlivaya water (it is better to choose wooden, because. it will not burn my hand while heating).
  • Brooms (I think, no need to explain why)
  • Samovar tea

Here, actually, and everything that I wanted to tell you about the construction of baths with their hands.

Illustrative video tutorial will show you how to build a bath with his own hands without the help of professionals:

Video tutorial creating a bath with his hands

Photo examples of baths at the dacha with his hands

Will provide you with some pictures of examples of design Russian sauna at their summer cottage:

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Video tutorial creating a bath with his hands
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