How to make a bed on the water with their hands?

Unusual idea for garden – flower bed on water. It seems, what to do is a decoration of the reservoir is difficult and expensive? No, just need a bit creative thinking and several available tools, you 100% there! Now we will give you some ideas, how to make a bed on the water with their hands, and show all the benefits of water beds!

The advantage of the flowerbeds on the water

To set water flower beds are encouraged in suburban areas, which have a small artificial pond or reservoir. Flowerbed on water will be able to complement any without exception garden style, the main thing to choose the size of flower beds, the form and components of the plant.

Клумба на воде как идея для сада

Flowerbed on the water as an idea for garden

It is not strange, this idea for landscaping existed many centuries ago, and the popularity gained only in 2009 year, when it is vividly presented on the Festival of colors.

The main advantages of the flowerbeds on the water are:

1. Unusual decorative look

2. The creative element of landscape design, which is rarely where you will meet

3. No material cost to build

4. Very simple technology of production beds

5. In addition, in the flowerbed, you can plant bright flowers, just allowed to "settle in" a bed of vegetables, which widely used in garden, country style.

6. In a flowerbed on water can be planted any plants (not only moisture-loving)

7. Flower bed plants will clean the water, so the pond will not "bloom", emitting odors and attracting various insects

8. Plants purify the biological system of the pond from too much chemicals: ammonia, phosphate, nitrate etc.

9. Water bed will become a place of gathering of fish in the pond, if any

As you can see, decorative flower bed on the water is pretty favorable decoration of the garden plot, which can simultaneously perform many useful features.

It should be noted, what size beds should be appropriate in relation to the area of the reservoir, because. too big a bed will occupy almost the entire area of the tiny pond and the composition will lose its attractive appearance. In the opposite case, too little pleasant: the inconspicuous flower bed will look ridiculous on the huge pond.

All the nuances of creating flowerbeds on the water with their hands we now discuss!

Ideas for creating flower-beds on the water with their hands

First and foremost, that aqualuma can be as mobile (to move freely over the entire area of the reservoir), and stationary (be set in one certain place on lifetime).



You can also combine ideas and create a mobile flowerbed with a small anchor, which will allow to fix the bed at a certain place and to move it through any time manually.

So, let us describe several variants of the flower beds on the water, already widely used by gardeners.

That would make a stationary water bed, you need to take care of this at the stage of construction of an artificial pond. To do this, at the desired place in the future of the pond is set a concrete column, whose height corresponds to the elevation of the water surface (the water level in the reservoir). The column can be made of anything – brick, concrete, metal. The main thing is to use a quality waterproofing, otherwise serve water flowerbed quite a bit. After, as a support will be installed, on top put vase with a flower or just a small pot, which will be like to stand on the water and impress all guests.

Стационарная клумба на воде

Stationary bed on the water

Another easy way to create inpatient beds on the water with their hands – move to the future site of the flower bed boulder, which has a flat top. Further, as in the previous case, boulder installed capacity with decorative flowers and all, water the flower bed with his hands ready!

We now turn to the more interesting view of the flower beds on the water – moving. The basis for these beds have a relaxed float on the water and not sink, therefore, it is best to use plastic containers. Actively used to create mobile aquaclub plastic bottles, which cut and connect to each other in the ring. As the bed should float on the water, in capacity it is recommended to not fill up the ground, and hydroponics, because it is easier. Meet mobile beds, a common kitchen plastic bowls, which are decorated with decorative paints is also a good option to give.

Клумба на воде из пластиковых бутылок

Flowerbed on water from plastic bottles

In General, you see, what to make a bed on the water with their hands quite simple, important to maximize the use of their imagination and creative thinking.

Finally, you should add, what beds of flowers, growing on the banks of the reservoir compaction and thus slightly worsen the overall look. If all ornamental plants to put in the water, shore and pour gravel or sand, the view is much better and unique!

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