How to make a greenhouse with their hands: how to build a greenhouse out of wood and polycarbonate + photo examples

Since the main purpose of the suburban area is the sponsoring of the owners of the fruits and vegetables of their own cultivation, need to use the garden. Of course, most of the year, country garden is in the idle state until the arrival of the heat (because. in cold weather the fruits will not be able to grow), so a while ago was invented this garden building, like a greenhouse, or greenhouse. About, what is the greenhouse, where to place it and how to make your own hands we will speak later.
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The purpose of the greenhouse

Теплица для растений своими руками

Greenhouse for plants with your own hands

A greenhouse is necessary in order that we could grow vegetables, fruits and even ornamental garden plants in winter, late autumn and early spring period.

In the summer the greenhouse you can grow exotic fruits, which grow at a distance 600-1000 km South of your region.

The design of the greenhouse is a frame, covered with transparent roofing material. For the construction of the frame of the greenhouse used metal, plastic or wood. Roofing material is polycarbonate, film coating and glass.

Types of greenhouses

First of all, the buildings for growing plants are divided into hothouses and greenhouses.

The greenhouse is a rectangular wooden structure, dug into the ground, covered in manure and stretched film. Despite the simplicity of the design, this building is a very effective. The disadvantage of this greenhouse is its seasonality and the inability to be heated.

Парник для растений

Greenhouse for plants

Greenhouses are more complex structures for growing plants. There 2 basic types of greenhouses: capital and seasonal.

Капитальная теплица

Major greenhouse

Capital and greenhouses are constructed of wooden beams or metal profiles with the presence of the Foundation (ground or columnar). This type of greenhouse has a greater resistance to winds and permanent location in the suburban area.

Seasonal greenhouses are less complex design, that require no Foundation and are only available in the summer. This type of greenhouses is very popular, because. there is no need to create a permanent design. In the market of agricultural goods can be seen wide range of seasonal greenhouses, the price of which is not very big, and the advantage of, that the design is able to bend to small sizes, in connection, with than in winter, it can be hidden in a utility area.

A-lesson Affairs that greenhouse with their hands

Where and how to place a greenhouse?

The placement of greenhouses on the dacha plays an important role in its effectiveness. You should pay attention to the following requirements, placing the greenhouse:

  1. The main requirement is that the location of the greenhouse should be well publicized and must be reliably protected from the gusts of Northern winds. To satisfy this requirement it is recommended to install a greenhouse from West to East (longitudinal axis of the greenhouse faces North/South).
  2. It is also recommended to place the greenhouse in a prominent place, preferably near a house.
  3. If the country house is already built outbuilding or storage space for garden tools and materials needed (sand, sawdust, etc.), be sure to place the greenhouse next to them.
  4. Garden plot, if not more 6 acres, a large greenhouse build will fail, because. places and so little. That would at least like to win a spot for the greenhouse, combine it with a dwelling house, summer kitchen or other building.
  5. One of the end walls of the greenhouse should be shorter, the design was slightly tilted to the Western side (this arrangement allows the solar rays evenly distributed over the entire area of the greenhouse).
  6. Another advantage of the location of the greenhouse near other buildings – protection of the greenhouse in the wind.
  7. To create additional lighting greenhouses it is recommended to install at a distance 1 meter from it, on the North side, reflective screens, the exposed white paint. These screens will reflect the sun's rays in the direction of the greenhouse.
  8. That would improve the temperature regime of the greenhouse, deepen her 0,7 – 0,8 meter into the soil, but do not overdo it, because. strongly recessed greenhouse will leave low-growing plants in the shade.
  9. Do not forget, what is the greenhouse necessary electricity and water, therefore it is better to install it near the system of electricity- and water.
  10. Do not place your greenhouse near trees, because. they will create unnecessary shadow.

How to make wood greenhouse with their hands?

The simplest and cheapest material for the manufacture of greenhouses is wood. A wooden greenhouse will last you more 10 years, if you stick to the build instructions, choose a more sturdy and durable types of wood (for example, oak or larch) and treat their protective antiseptic. Consider the step by step instruction of creating a wooden greenhouse with their hands.

Step 1 – Prepare the location and provide the Foundation

First, choose the future location of the greenhouse in the country. After that, proceed to the preparation area: align it, if there are holes and bumps (it is a prerequisite), remove garden debris and mark out the contours of the greenhouse using rope and wooden pegs. The recommended size of the greenhouse should be at least 6 meters in length and 3 meters wide. Then proceed to the creation of the Foundation: because. the greenhouse is made of wood and sheathed by a film, the weight of the structure is a small, this means, that solid Foundation is not necessary. It is best to use a pier Foundation – it is not difficult to build and the material costs will be minimal.

Depth of holes for support posts shall be not less than 50 cm, columns you must select a section (or diameter) 10-12 cm and a length of 3 meter, whatever the result, the finished structure had a height of 2,5 meter, which would be sufficient, given the comfort and performance of the greenhouse. For greenhouses our size (6*3m) enough 6 columns (4 the corners design and 2 in the middle). After, as the bollards will be installed, fill them with a concrete solution and wait a few days before their complete solidification, then begin to create a frame.

You should pay attention to, if the construction of the Foundation is carried out in hot weather, you need to spray it with water, while he's fully cured (because. hot sunlight can destroy the Foundation – it will start to crack).

Step 2 – Create the frame of the greenhouse

Каркас деревянной теплицы

Wooden frame greenhouses

As the main part of the frame is already built (wooden poles), we have to fill in bars horizontal bars (section 10 cm ) top and middle. On the upper horizontal beams attached to the rafters (every 0,5 meter), which are necessary for fixing the roofing material and increase the stability of the whole structure.

Конструкция крыши деревянной теплицы

The roof construction is wooden greenhouses

Creating a frame, immediately provided space for Windows and doors, this additionally create the door frame (1,8*0,8 m) and window boxes, the sizes which we select ourselves. We should pay attention to, the door you need to install on the North side.

If the greenhouse will be built from metal, the frame must be done from a metal profile or painted pipe, the difference between them is not significant.

The attachment bars and the rafters must be carried out with the help of screws for wood and metal corners, the use of nails is not recommended.

Step 3 – Sewed the overlap of the greenhouse

As mentioned earlier, for covering greenhouses, decided to use such roofing materials as glass, film and polycarbonate. The cheapest and most common material is film coating: it has a pretty good light transparency, and has no significant weight, so, there is no need in additional strengthening of the structure.

Glass is the most transparent material and in this, actually, its main advantage, because. there is practically no loss of sunlight as they pass through the roofing material. The disadvantages of glass is the difficulty of fixing, the fragility and heavy weight of the material.

Well, innovation in the assortment of roofing materials is polycarbonate, which is used for the roof of almost any garden design: and the carport under the car, and greenhouses, and garden house etc. The advantage of polycarbonate is its great elastic abilities, significant svetoproekt, reliability, durability and aesthetic appearance.

After, as decided on the option of the roofing material, proceed to the roof. The shape of the roof should be around, what would the snow weight does not stagnate on the roof surface and do not interfere with the transmission of light. It is recommended to do a gable roof with angles of inclination of the parties 25 degrees.

If you chose as roof coatings, it is fairly easy to beat with the external side of the small wooden slats to the frame of the greenhouse.

Immediately notice, that greenhouse polycarbonate is the most popular and effective construction. About the benefits of this greenhouse, we now discuss.

Greenhouse polycarbonate: advantages and user build

Теплица из поликарбоната своими руками

Greenhouse made of polycarbonate with their hands

Polycarbonate not so long ago appeared on the market of building materials, but for the short term has replaced the popular materials to build greenhouses, as glass and film. The advantages of the polycarbonate a lot, basic is a relatively inexpensive price and the elasticity of the material. Among the other advantages of polycarbonate, it is possible to allocate the following:

  • Durability
  • Easy Assembly/dismantling
  • The air layer in the polycarbonate sheet provides additional insulation
  • The material is transparent, what contributes to a good dispersion of light rays
  • The lightness of polycarbonate eliminates the complicated Foundation

How to create polycarbonate greenhouses with their hands

The first thing you need to determine the size of the greenhouse and make the drawing, where will be listed all the sizes, fastening system, the number of sheets and the roof.

It is recommended to choose this size of greenhouse, which does not have to cut a lot of polycarbonate sheets, because. this entails extra costs money and large amounts of construction waste.

The roof form of polycarbonate greenhouses can be as arched, and "house", the elasticity of the material allows to one and the other design with no problems, but it is best to opt for an arched design.

First, prepare the area and pour the Foundation, this stage may be identical to previously provided instructions for the manufacture of wooden greenhouses, therefore, the fact, how to make a Foundation, read above.

Next, go to the building frame. You can also use the wooden frame, but for a change will give you another option – a frame made of metal.

The advantage of the metal in the high strength and durability, the disadvantage is the incidence of corrosion, causing rust and design not only loses its aesthetic appearance, but strength.

To create the metal structure can be the use of steel profile, painted metal tubes or arc. The latter are the most practical option, if you use a collapsible arc, because. the design elements are very heavy. Before connecting the frame, metal and wooden elements must be treated accordingly antirust and antiseptic.

In this manual we choose the material for the frame – metal arc. They must be installed based on the drawing, the options that we provide below. The fixing of the polycarbonate to the metal arcs is performed by means of staples, which cover the tube and fix the polycarbonate on both sides.

Каркас теплицы из металлических дуг

Frame greenhouses made of metal arcs

It is not recommended to drill holes in polycarbonate for fastening sheets, because. in the holes can get water and dirt, which not only degrade the appearance of the greenhouse, but also lead to its destruction (during the cold weather, the liquid will expand and destroy cellular polycarbonate).

Чертеж теплицы из металлических дуг

Drawing greenhouses of metal arcs

As polycarbonate is permitted to bend only transversely of the sheet, to create the arched structure required to install sheets across greenhouse design.

The Council, if you are faced with roof covering polycarbonate: choose material from well-known manufacturers and be sure to tape the ends of the structure with a special tape, which will protect the material from getting harmful water and dirt.

Photo examples of greenhouses for the garden with their hands

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A-lesson Affairs that greenhouse with their hands
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