How to improve drainage of the lawn at their summer cottage?

The creation of lawn drainage, actually as of garden, is a must event. Of course, it is better to create drainage under the lawn during the preparation of the soil, but if you already put (or planted) lawn grass, drainage can also be used. Next, we consider ways to improve the drainage system of the lawn, as well as the factors, that affect of excessive water saturation of soils at the site.

Causes of excess moisture on the lawn

To determine the need to create drainage on the pitch is quite simple. If the water stagnate on the lawn grass, at the same time long does not go into the soil, so it is necessary to carry drainage under lawn.

Плохой дренаж газона

Poor lawn drainage

Causes of excess moisture in the lawn may be different, for example:

  1. After engineering work on the site, during which special equipment has compacted the soil, builders have dug up the compacted soil, but simply poured on top of it another layer of loosened.
  2. If on the dacha there is no Central drain (that happens very often), the soil can be filled with own sewer.
  3. Lowland areas, by their nature, are places, susceptible to eutrophication.
  4. A very common cause of excess moisture on the lawn is a breakthrough water works, passing on the plot.
  5. Another natural factor is the clay soil, which has a poor moisture absorption
  6. Well, the most likely cause of the overabundance of moisture in the lawn is a shallow location groundwater on the site.

Also provide you several ways of defining the poor drainage on the lawn:

  • The lawn beginning to get sick: changed its color, the leaves began to rot, etc.
  • On the lawn are formed mosses and algae
  • Shaded areas of turf grass started to grow grass, similar to the reeds

Ways to improve the drainage system of the lawn with their hands

To improve the drainage system of the lawn with your own hands is not so difficult, important to initially determine the cause of excess moisture in the area and on this basis take the necessary measures. Now, we look at ways to improve drainage on the lawn, depending on the reasons for the excessive saturation of the soil.

If the cause of the excess moisture on the lawn is waterproof soil, there are two ways out of the situation. The first output is carried out before sowing the lawn. You need to remove the waterproof the thickness of rocks (about 35 cm) and instead to create a drainage layer of 15 cm of gravel, 5 cm of sand and 15 cm of fertile soil.

Дренажный слой под газон

Drainage layer under the turf

The second way out is, when lawn grass is ripe and remove it is not advisable. In this case, you must apply aeration turf – piercing the soil with a garden fork, that increases the drainage properties of the soil.

Аэрация почвы под газон

The aeration of the soil under the lawn

If the reason for the surplus of moisture the soil is compacted after the engineering and construction works, it must be dig and razravnyat garden rake.

Another reason, we mentioned above, is the high groundwater level at the site. In this case, you need to create deep and surface drainage on the site, through which water will drain off-site. To create a major drainage on the site, it is recommended to use the services of a hydraulic engineer, which has a relatively low price you will design the entire drainage system on the site, choose the most appropriate elements of the drainage and carry out installation of the entire system.

That would remove excess water from the site located on the slope, it is recommended to create a simple drain drain ditch or set the lowest point of the garden drainage pit

That's all, what you should know about the creation of the drainage on the lawn. As you can see, ways to improve the drainage system of the lawn with their hands quite a lot, so you can choose the most suitable one for your conditions!

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