Capital brick garage with his hands: the construction from Foundation and floor to the walls and roof

Brick garage with two gatesThe garage is one of those country houses, which simply requires the person, with personal car. Car garage with storage will last longer in the order, because. the body will not rot in the winter, and in summer time the paint will not fade in the sun. The design of the car is not that difficult, but experts say, what many builders-beginners have a huge amount of errors, with the result that the building is not more 10 years. About, how to make a garage for the car with their hands we now discuss. Later in the video, in detail, all told.

What material is better to build a garage?

The most popular materials for the construction of the buildings are brick, metal, wood and popular foam block.

It is recommended that the garage be built of brick or sister of cinder block and foam block. In order, that you would understand., why brick garage would be better, will give you a small explanation in the form of advantages/disadvantages of available materials for garage.

Garage wood quickly, just, cheap

Деревянный гараж своими руками

Wooden garage hand made

Wooden garage is the most appropriate to store the machine, because . has the following disadvantages:

  • The Flammability of the material. One match your wooden garage for a few minutes to become a pile of ashes. To deal with this drawback it is recommended to use antiseptic, protects against ignition of wood.
  • Weak water resistance. The wood really absorbs moisture, poet few seasons after building a wooden garage rot, if it do not advance to impregnate the water-repellent means.
  • Low durability. No matter how you tried to protect wooden garage from rotting, fire, fungal attack and insects through a variety of means, still life of wooden garage will not exceed 20 years (and given the fact, you will be constantly spending money on its protection and maintenance).
  • Weak protection design. If you are going to store in a wooden garage with expensive cars, it is unlikely that the building will be able to protect the car from the hands of criminals, because. regular saw and axe can destroy a design.

We bring you the most significant disadvantages of wooden garage, but the advantages are the following:

  • Insulation. One of the most significant advantages of wood is its high coefficient of heat storage, which are considerably higher than a brick building, although inferior penoblokovoy,
  • Easy installation. Collect a wooden garage can be a week (given the fact, most of the time to solidify the Foundation).
  • Cheap. Unlike brick and other building materials, wood is more available and cheap material.
  • The lack of special skills of the structure. In order, to make the wood garage you are not required to have the skills to work with welding machine and bricklaying, you just have to assemble the design using the saw, screwdriver and screws.

A garage of foam blocks – low price and high quality

Гараж из пеноблока своими руками

A garage of foam blocks

Foam is an innovation in building materials. In a relatively short period of time, he replaced the metal, wood and concrete because. has the following advantages:

  • Higher thermal insulation properties (the heat capacity of the brick 1,5 times less heat capacity of the foam block)
  • Easy installation. Construction of a garage of foam blocks is a designer, which is going very fast.
  • Water resistance, fire safety, defies weather damage. This material does not require additional treatment with antiseptics and it is a significant advantage.
  • The durability of the material
  • Save money (the construction of a garage of foam blocks on 40% cheaper than brick garage)

Among the disadvantages of a garage of foam blocks emit its low strength and the fact, most of the companies provide poor quality products.

Garage metal how fast the economy version

Металлический гараж своими руками

Photo example of a metal garage

A metal garage is not a good option, because. the design of the buildings will have the following disadvantages:

  • Weak capacity. Garage from thin metal sheets does not keep the temperature in the room.
  • The deterioration of metal by corrosion. This disadvantage can be smoothed, using rust preventative and periodic painting of the garage.
  • Design metal garage rarely in harmony in the garden style.
  • The need for the welding machine and the skills to work with him.

Advantages of metal garage is its relatively low cost and speed of construction.

Garage of brick as always reliable and expensive

Кирпичный гараж своими руками

Photo example of a brick garage yourself.

Well, we went to the most common form of garage – of brick. Advantages of the brick garage are:

  • High durability and reliability of the design
  • The durability of the material (many of the old buildings of brick more 400 years)
  • Fire-resistance and water-resistance design
  • Aesthetic appearance, which will fit into almost any garden style
  • Brick walls can be easily finished with plaster

The disadvantages of the brick garage are high material costs for the construction of the structure and the need for the specialist, because. bricklaying is a complex process, the estate requires certain skills.

Where to place the garage?

To the placement of the garage needs to be taken seriously. It is recommended to set the garage from the yard, adjacent to the carriageway or road, it would be convenient to put the car, just opening the gate. In front of the garage is recommended to do a small check-in, paved with paving tiles.

It is best to do a garage extension to the house, what would you like to control the safety of the vehicle.

Placing the garage, make sure functional lighting, which will strengthen the security. It is recommended to install lamps with motion sensor, which will alert you about that, that someone is near the garage.

Traditional option the location of the garage in the suburban area is the front yard (in the corner).

Video guide on how to make a brick garage with his hands

We reviewed the materials for the manufacture of garage, the location, you can now proceed to the instructions for building the garage at their summer cottage. In our example we will step by step instructions for construction of a brick garage with his hands.

Step 1 – Prepare the area and pour the Foundation

As usual when building something in the garden, you need to prepare the area, namely to align it and get rid of garden waste. Garage requires necessarily smooth areas, therefore, all pits and mounds, be sure razravnyat.

Once the surface was prepared, go to the Foundation. For the Foundation is permitted to apply all types of Foundation: block, tape, columnar, concrete, slab, screw, monolithic, pile etc.

Фундамент для гаража

The Foundation for a brick garage

In our case we will use a strip Foundation, because. it is stable and not very expensive.

Before you begin pouring the Foundation, mark out the territory, for this we use pegs and rope. Then pulls the trench and create a drainage layer: stamps 10 cm of gravel and 5 cm sand.

Then installed in the trench rebar (no more 10 mm diameter) and start pouring the concrete mix. For solution it is recommended to choose the cement M200.

Once the Foundation is filled, leave the solution for a few days, what would he dried up, and start laying the base of the garage.

Step 2 – Create a base

The base represents the lower part of the frame of the garage, which is laid out from a brick to a height of 20 to 60 cm. The purpose of the cap is to protect future garage from moisture, cold, changes in temperature and other adverse environmental actions.

Цоколь для гаража

Basement for garage

The base recommended to create a ceramic brick to a height of 2 number (given the welds, the height of the cap will be about 35 cm, which is enough).

The bricks must be laid in cement mortar, the thickness of seams should be 5 to 7 cm.

A mandatory requirement in the construction of base – its evenness, for this purpose, the building level and pull the cord.

The basement needs insulation, to make a drainage, the ventilation system and waterproofing. For waterproofing it is best to use a roofing material or bitumen lubricant. The insulation is on the outside with Styrofoam, which is pasted on the outer side of the cap.

For ventilation must be created in the basement Windows, wide 15 cm at a distance of 3 meters from each other.

Drainage cap removes excess moisture, thereby prolong the service life of the garage. For drainage use strips of metal, sold to the store.

Optional finished basement can be decorated with plastering or siding.

Step 3 – Walls

The design was sustainable it is necessary to properly lay a brick wall, for this you need to follow three basic rules bricklaying:

  1. The bricks need to be laid horizontally. Any deviation will cause problems in the future. The load should be distributed normal to the surface of the brick.
  2. The side faces of the bricks should be strictly perpendicular to the lower ranks, which are already laid.
  3. The vertical joints of the bricks (nearby) should not match. For this the bricks are shifted relative to each other "in a half-brick".
Укладка кирпичных стен для гаража

Laying of brick wall for garage

What would the garage was warm, it is recommended to put a wall in half brick, additionally Shtukaturov them in the future and insulate.

Also do not forget about the thickness of the seams between the bricks – it must be the same for all rows and the walls.

To the solution was plastic, you must keep the ratio: 3 parts sand to 1 part of the cement.

The stages of bricklaying next:

  1. Plank on the base roofing material (for waterproofing)
  2. Spread the corners of the garage (several rows)
  3. At the corners and every 10 metres straight installed porjadovki
  4. For the control of masonry pull cords
  5. Solid bricks put bonder series of outdoor mile
  6. Put internal a mile away
  7. Place the back filling

Step 4 – Plank roof in the garage and concrete floor


Заливаем пол в гараже

Poured floor in the garage

First floor pour concrete solution. This option is the most simple and cheap to create a floor.

In addition to concrete floor, there are hardwood floors (sewn boards), liquid (with the help pouring cement or a polymer solution) and warm floors (created tie, between which cable is passed podgraniczny, which vymeshivaem ceramic tile).

Back to the chosen concrete floor. If the earth's surface designated for the garage is smooth and there is no high groundwater level, the concrete floor is, what you need!

To begin, remove the small layer of loose soil and fill excavated place (the depth of not less than 80 cm) gravel and sand (for drainage). Fill the so-called "rough sex" with the use of metal mesh 100*100mm. Once the solution hardens, proceed to the insulation of the floor. To do this, use polystyrene, designed for flooring, its thickness should be not less than 5 cm.

Well, in the end, it is necessary to produce the finish floor screed. For this purpose, the heater is placed a metal grid, which poured the last layer of concrete (no more 5 cm). A finishing screed should be made using a lath and a rail, on which floor is leveled.

Once the screed is finished, leave the floor on while it hardens and the desire to paint it with acrylic paint – it will not only make the floor nice color, but also will strengthen the top layer.


Right to create a roof involves the following sequence of operations:

  • Create rafters
  • Laid a layer of waterproofing
  • Fixed roof material
  • Installed insulation and vapor barrier
  • The finished roof is coated on the inner side

The shape of the roof may be lean-to, and saddle.

Создаем крышу гаража

The installation of the roof on the garage

Roofing material is recommended to choose the same, which was blocked by the roof of a residential house and other garden buildings, in order, that would create total harmony garden decor.

Consider creating a shed roof from polycarbonate

Roof slope shall be not less than 30 degrees.

First set of rafters. To do this, put on the walls of the beam guides (wooden bars 100*100mm). The walls of the guide beams are secured by means of anchors. Rafters are attached to the guide beams in the same way using the anchors, but is additionally used binding wire. To prevent bowing of the rafters, using this engineering admission, as additional props. The distance between the rafters shall be not less than 0,6 meter. Beams are submitted to the contours of the garage 0,5 meter. The rafters are nailed, planed boards in a perpendicular arrangement, then attached the roofing material.

The roof insulation is done by placing mineral wool between the rafters or they. The thickness of the insulation should be not less than 10 cm. On top of mineral wool to be installed in a vapor barrier, which is further attached facing roof.

Step 5 – Install garage door

Вариант гаражных ворот

Option garage door

For the garage it is recommended to use a hinged, and sliding doors – and that variant is good.

The basic requirements for the following garage doors:

  • Strength and vzlomobezopasnost. To meet this requirement, it is recommended to use metal gates, thickness not less than 3 mm.
  • Isolation from external factors. For this purpose, all kinds of rubber seals in place of closing the gates, as well as the vertical paddles.
  • The ease-in. The height of the gate shall be not less than 2 meters for cars and 2,5 meter for truck. The width of the gate is calculated as the sum of the width of the car + 60 cm.

The first thing you need to weld the frame gate on the slopes of the inner doorway. The frame should be established strictly on the level, the design was not distorted, otherwise, the service life of the gate and ease of use leave much to be desired. After, as the frame is fixed, welded to hinges and put gates on sheds.

As well as the roof of the garage, gate, to insulate the, that would increase the heat capacity of a brick garage, created by your own hands, it is recommended to use polystyrene, that is glued on the inner side of the gate.

That's all, the design of the garage is of brick created! As you can see, the process of building a brick garage with his hands takes a lot of time and requires certain skills of construction, therefore, we recommend that you take the help of experts.

Building inspection pit

Well, what a garage inspection pit? In order, it would be possible to have the vehicle repaired and to check its integrity, you need to build the inspection pit inside the garage.

Смотровая яма для гаража

A viewing hole for the garage

Among the advantages of the inspection pits are the following:

  • The possibility of self-service auto, and that's a huge savings of money
  • Additional earnings. If you are a master at fixing cars, the viewing hole can be your work space for the maintenance and repair of foreign transport.

The shortcomings of the inspection pit:

  • Pit is a source of dampness and moisture in the garage.
  • If the area where there is a garage, has a high level of groundwater, there is a chance of flooding of the garage.
  • The complexity of the build

The size of the pit should be comfortable to work in it, namely:

  • Width: 80 cm
  • Height: the growth of the host + 10 cm
  • Length: on 1 meters greater than the length of the car

The order of conducting works on the construction of the pit next:

  1. Pulling out a pit for the inspection pits, its size must be greater than the estimated, because. added width of the walls and floor height. To the width you need to add 40 cm, length 50 cm, depth 20 cm.
  2. Poured floors. First they fill up the 10-centimeter layer of gravel and sand, compacted, on it laid a metal grid and concrete is poured a solution. In a frozen solution is placed in the waterproofing layer and is finishing.
  3. Further, using a masonry built walls, and installed a safety rail, which prevents accidental contact with the wheels in the pit during a race.
  4. On top of the pit, laid planks, in order that we could freely move around the garage.

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