Expanded clay as a material for construction and landscape design of the territory

Today we talk about another material for the construction of holiday buildings and decorations gardening area. Modern and at the same time, a very popular building material is expanded clay. We will now consider, how concrete block is made, its advantages and application in landscape design and construction business.

Production of expanded clay

Керамзит как материал для строительства и ландшафтного дизайна

Expanded clay as a material for construction and landscape design

Clay gravel, a more common name – keramzit, made from clay or shale, which is subjected to high temperature firing. Firing takes place in special furnaces reels, having a length to 70 meters and diameter from 2 to 5 meters. Furnace installed at a slight slope. The source material is filled in the upstream part of the furnace and poured to the bottom, its mounted atomizer, which, actually, and burn material. Processing clay fire occurs in the temperature regime from 1050 to 1300o With time not more 45 minutes. As a result of processing are formed of rounded pebbles lightweight expanded clay, which are used in construction and landscape design.

Concrete block is of three types: clay gravel, expanded clay gravel and expanded-clay sand. The difference from expanded clay gravel clay gravel is, in the first case, the material has a more angular shape, while in the second rounded.

The sizes of haydite gravel can be the following:

from 5 to 10 mm (pebbles)

from 10 to 20 mm (the most popular faction)

from 20 to 40 mm (the stones larger)

Everything that has a size to 5 mm, considered expanded clay sand.

It should be noted, today the production of expanded clay has been more 250 plants in 50 different countries, which indicates the high demand for this building material.

Advantages of expanded clay

No wonder clay has become so popular in the construction business. The most significant advantages of expanded clay are considered:

  • The optimal ratio in the area of quality/price
  • Low water absorption material (no more 20%)
  • High frost resistance (from 25 cycles and more)
  • Environmentally friendly material (no additives, only burnt shale)
  • Good sound- and thermal insulating properties
  • Expanded clay is light weight
  • Material has high strength and durability
  • Expanded clay is resistant to acids

As you can see, advantages of expanded clay lot, it is therefore advisable to apply it in the construction business, especially if you build light garden buildings.

With regard to the application of expanded clay, most often the data material used as insulation, aggregate for concrete solution, and as well as drainage for plants. Now we more broadly consider the scope of expanded clay.

Application of expanded clay on the dacha

As has been said before, expanded clay can participate in construction works, and landscape design, consider everything in order.

The most intensive use of expanded clay as inexpensive insulation floor, basements, ceiling and walls. When the insulation of the roof and floor you will not only create high-quality insulation, but ensure the room is well Soundproofed. The bed of expanded clay retains heat well and. is light weight, will not create a large load on the design of the buildings.

Применения керамзита для утепления пола

Application of expanded clay for insulation of the floor

Применения керамзита для утепления стен

Application of expanded clay for insulation of walls

With regard to utilities, in recent years, and here expanded clay plays an important role. As a result of breakthrough of the pipeline have to dig the ground at the scene, for further repairs, which is very difficult. Most often the cause of the accident is freezing water in the pipe, a result of which the pipe is torn. As mentioned earlier, concrete block has good thermal insulation properties, so if they fill the water channel, underground, the chance of freezing is greatly reduced.

The expanded clay is advisable to apply to create various types of Foundation. In contrast to the gravel, expanded clay is light weight and has a fairly good strength, so, the Foundation will be able to take the same load, the transportation of construction material will be more simple and less costly. It should be noted, because of its insulating properties, Foundation with the addition of expanded clay can be laid at a shallower depth.

In addition to creating a concrete solution, in the construction of concrete block used to create clay blocks, with light weight and good strength and thermal insulation. Using expanded clay blocks can be built as an internal, and external walls of the building.

Керамзитовый блок

Haydite block

Another area of application of expanded clay is a road construction. When the road is being built on wetlands or on the soil, having perched aquifer, often used expanded clay podsypku, which quickly removes excess water and prevents flooding of the road.

Подушка из керамзита для дорог

The bed of expanded clay for roads

Drainage pillow of expanded clay well removes water, so often a pillow under the Foundation, and curbs.

In landscape design gardening area expanded clay also occupied an important purpose. Due to its decorative appearance, clay gravel is often used for decoration of garden terraces and luxury Alpine, built on a hilly area.

Керамзит в ландшафтном дизайне

Expanded clay landscape design

In horticulture expanded clay is used as a good insulation, and drainage for plant roots. Very often in capacity with plants, which are grown hydroponically, add expanded clay, which is in contrast to the soil reduces the risk of plant diseases, and the appearance of various pests.

If you add clay to fertile soil, the yield will increase, and on order. Add expanded clay can 2 ways:

  1. When planting trees and shrubs creates a hole, the bottom is filled with a bed of expanded clay, on top of it is filled with soil. On the ground place the plants root system, which is a little soil and sprinkle with the remaining space filled up, again, expanded clay. The resulting "soil and clay" cake will be well to saturate the root system with nutrients and water.
  2. More simple method is the mixing of the fine fraction of clay with soil to further pour the mixture into a well placed plant.

As the first, and the second method increases the fertility of plants at minimal cost to improve the soil.

The advantage of expanded clay, which added to soil with plants, is, the increased water saturation of plants, improved breathability, and is protecting the roots from drying out in hot weather and to mildew in rainy.

Expanded clay can also be used to improve the fertility of potted plants. The plant, grown in hydroponic pot, added expanded clay fines.

Керамзит для комнатных растений

Expanded clay aggregate for plants

Well, the last, an important area of application of Leca on the dacha, is, what expanded pillow serves as a good filter, so if at the bottom treatment plant pour a layer of expanded clay, the liquid will quickly be separated from solid waste.

 керамзитовая подушка служит хорошим фильтром

expanded pillow serves as a good filter

As you can see, Leca has many advantages and wide application, as in the construction business, and even in horticulture and landscape design, so it makes sense to purchase a

the issuance of this construction material!

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