Cottage-style constructivism

About, what is the constructivism style in the interior, you can find in this article.

Cottage design in the constructivist style suitable for people, not so fond of the beauty of the rooms, as their functionality and rationality.

Preferably, what would all the furniture and accessories in the cottage had a strictly geometrical shape and uniform color.

With zoning the same situation: for example, at visual division combined living you need to use only colors and sharp transition lines.

All rooms should be as practical: the furniture does not interfere with the free movement around the room, the walls are not cluttered with posters and paintings, the ceiling is flat, etc.

With regard to furniture design, it is better to use modern furniture, and antique wooden chairs with carving not to exclude from the interior.

What would you saw, what is the interior of a cottage in the style of constructivism, we offer to your attention the photo gallery:

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