Apartment in Provence style

Style Provence can be attributed to the French country style. The whole interior, furniture and accessories decorated in the spirit of the past, what makes the design of the flat is original and very beautiful.

The interior design of this apartment decorated in the best features of the style of Provence. All rooms, with the exception of the hallway, child and bath, harmoniously and create a composition of light French house.

Entrance hall the apartment has a spacious, decorated in bright colours. Large mirrored wardrobe creates a visual increase in space.

Bathroom little, we can say, that is decorated in dark colours, because. the tile has a dark grey color.

Very well thought out design children's room for boy. The walls are decorated with decorative plaster pale green color. The room is very spacious, it has everything necessary for life baby: bed, Desk, lockers and even a play area.

Kitchen decorated with elements of Provence style in the interior. Bright kitchen furniture, beautiful Wallpaper on the walls and painted ceramic tile create comfort in the room.

Bedroom very accurately highlights the distinctive features of Provence in the interior. The furniture is decorated in the Provence style, actually, as bright paper Wallpaper. Despite its small surface area, the bedroom has everything you need to relax.

Dining room separated from the kitchen and also decorated in a French urban style. The window in front of the table is very large, therefore, artificial lighting is represented by a small chandelier over the table.

Well, the last, what I would like to draw attention living room. Bright red sofa on the background of bright walls slightly departs from the traditional elements of the style of Provence. Most likely, living room is decorated with elements of style kitsch, which is characterized by catchy elements against a blank wall.

Photo of apartment design in Provence style:

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