Metal gazebos

Competitor wooden and brick the gazebo is the metal gazebo. It can be welded from regular profiles or pipes, and can be made in the form of artistic forging.
The advantages of metal gazebos next:
  • Beautifully complement almost any garden style
  • Can be made with your own hands
  • Design metal gazebo durable (if every few years to repaint the frame)
  • Sustainable and have a high resistance to mechanical damage (which is not uncommon in conditions of the holiday vacation)

Disadvantages of metal gazebos:

  • If you produce with your own hands, you must have a welder and know how to use it
  • To create beautiful arbors (forged) you will need relatively a lot of money
  • Corrosion (although with proper care for a gazebo, this disadvantage disappears)

To your attention the most popular photos of garden arbors metal for a suburban area:

As you can see, designs metal arbors quite a lot, so if you want you can make a area according to your taste!

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