The most suitable species of trees and shrubs for the lawn

By itself, the lawn does not form a finished decorative composition. It should be supplemented with various "highlights", which will enhance the beauty of the garden and at the same time becomes one with the lawn. It is better to use trees or shrubs. Next, we'll talk about that, what trees and shrubs are best planted on the lawn, where exactly to plant them and what else can complement. Also talk about, how to fertilize a tree and replant with the pot in the hole in the lawn.

Trees for lawns

Деревья для газонов

Trees for lawns

Options for the location of the tree on the lawn

In order, to decorate lawn a tree or several trees, initially, it is necessary for them to choose the right place.

You should select the location of the tree on the lawn, based on the following guidelines:

  • If you have the neighbor's window, facing your site, or mesh enclosure, it is recommended to plant the tree in front of these places, to protect themselves from prying eyes.
  • The tree also can be planted near recreation areas, to provide shade in the summer
  • Place the tree in the center of the lawn, and a little side, so the composition will be more advantageous look
  • It is recommended to use the tree to cover problem areas of the garden

Once you have decided on the location of the tree on the lawn, proceed to the next stage: the number of trees.

In order to create a harmonious composition of lawn with a tree, not recommended to plant on the lawn grass a lot of trees, because. the composition will be too fussy and the lawn will lose its attractive appearance. It is best to plant one tree or several small trees group.

Now let us consider, what trees need to be planted in the lawn.

Deciduous ornamental trees

As for the lawn it is best to plant one ornamental tree, then his choice should be approached wisely. Ornamental tree for the lawn should not only decorate the area in spring, but to bear fruit in the summer, and create yellowing autumn garden. It is recommended to select the following deciduous ornamental trees:

Deren Chinese. Spring dogwood Chinese flowering white flowers, summer brings small red fruits, and in autumn takes on an attractive red color. In addition, the Chinese dogwood has excellent symmetry and unusual view of the trunk bark, to complement the lawn mysterious plant.

Дерен китайский

Deren Chinese

Wild Apple also suitable for decoration of the lawn. Their spring bloom will make the lawn attractive and unusual.

Дикие яблони

Wild Apple

If you are not required the fruit on the trees, it is recommended to steal lawn including deciduous ornamental trees, as maple grey, birch Japanese and maple Pennsylvania. Each of these trees for the lawn has an interesting colour of leaves, low height and dense crown, therefore, the lawn decorated these trees will look luxurious and not fussy.

клен пенсильванский

maple Pennsylvania

It should also be noted such archivestudio trees for the lawn, as the Sargent, maple genevey and cherry. They have the bright green color of leaves, which will complement the grass.

If you want to furnish your lawn low archivetask trees, it is recommended to stop your choice on these trees for the lawn, as pear willow leaf, and acacia variety Umbraculifera.

груша иволистная

pear willow leaf

Evergreen ornamental trees

If you don't want to clean up fallen leaves from the lawn, and to watch the changing colors in your garden, it is recommended to plant evergreen trees for the lawn. If the trees are evergreen, this does not mean, they have a green color, and the only means, the tree does not change its color throughout the year.

To the most appropriate evergreen ornamental trees for the garden include:

  • Decorative fir-tree Picea pungens Koster, which has a bright silver-blue foliage

    Декоративная ель Picea pungens Koster,

    Decorative fir-tree Picea pungens Koster,

  • Arbutus andranomena, having green color, unusual tall crown and reddish bark.

    Земляничное дерево андраховидное

    Arbutus andranomena

  • Yew tree Taxus baccata Fastigiata, has yellowish leaves

    Тисовое дерево Taxus baccata Fastigiata

    Yew tree Taxus baccata Fastigiata

Sections of the trunks of decorative trees

The main problem of planting trees on the lawn are sections of the trunks, and now, to explain why. The fact, when mowing the lawn near the trunk of the tree, lawnmower can damage the tree trunk, and their knives. To avoid this, required around the barrel to create a small earthen circle. This range is recommended to plant ornamental flowers, to decorate the area without turf grass. Suitable colors we'll talk later.

Another problem of planting trees on the lawn are the dead leaves, they also need time to clean up, otherwise, they form a felt and will slow down the ventilation of the root system of the lawn, after that, the grass will start to rot.

Please note that, many trees have thick voluminous crown, thus creating the shadow. Many lawn grasses can not exist in the shadows, so you need to either choose a more compact trees, either shade tolerant lawns.

Planting flowers under trees

As we said earlier, land from tree trunk to decorate, it is better to use decorative flowers.

Please note that, that shadow created by the tree, as well as the root system of the tree interfere with the normal growth of other plants, therefore, when choosing colors you need to focus on drought and shade tolerant.

Another important requirement – do not use high planting flowers under the trees, they will only hide the barrel, what do ornamental tree less attractive.

It is also recommended to decorate the tree and the land around it climbing plants, they are not only able to survive in difficult conditions, but unusually decorate the trees for the lawn. The main thing, what would the vines were not too viable, otherwise there is a danger of strangulation of the tree.

So, we provide you the most drought and shade tolerant flowers for planting under trees:

  • Onion: TRILLIUM, Snowdrop, Anemone, Scylla, Erantis, Kandyk.
  • Perennials: Digitalis (digitalis), Euphorbia amygdaloid, Anemone, Badan.
  • Climbing plants: Climbing rose, Clematis, Nasturtium, Hops, Honeysuckle, Alpine clematis

Shrubs for lawns

Кустарники для газонов

Shrubs for lawns

Planting shrubs for the lawn is carried out in the case, if the lawn area is small enough size for planting ornamental trees.

The location of ornamental shrubs for the lawn, as well as the care and selection criterion shrubs are similar to trees.

Among the disadvantages of planting shrubs on the lawn, emit a single. The crown of the Bush is formed immediately above the earth's surface, that prevents mowing of turf grass with a lawn mower. In this case you must either cut the shrubs themselves (not all types applies), or use for cutting lawn pruning shears with long handles.

Types of ornamental shrubs for the lawn

Декоративные кустарники для газона

Ornamental shrubs for the lawn

To decorate the lawn with decorative shrubs, it is recommended to opt for the following types:

  • Mock orange
  • Ceanothus
  • Daphne fragrant
  • Saskatoon canadian
  • Pieris, beautiful
  • Sumac kojevennaya

Planting and fertilizing ornamental shrubs and trees for the lawn

Fertilizer ornamental trees and shrubs

Draw your attention to the fertilizer of these plants. Feeding for lawn grass in this case will not fit, you need to purchase a more balanced fertilizer with potassium and nitrogen. Fertilizer is necessary in order, what would the leaves and the root system of plants was more strong and healthy.

The finished fertilizer are required to pay only for ornamental trees and flowers. If the fertilizer applied to fruit trees and shrubs, the yield will be significantly reduced.

It is recommended to fertilize trees and shrubs for the lawn with rotted leaves or compost.

Planting trees and shrubs for the lawn

The optimum period of planting decorative trees and shrubs this time from spring to autumn.

Посадка деревьев и  кустарников для газона

Planting trees and shrubs for the lawn

In this example, we carry out transplanting of seedling from the pot into the hole on the lawn.

First we need to dig a small hole into a suitable patch of lawn. The diameter of the hole should be 4 the diameter of the pot, in our case this is about 120 cm. The depth of the hole should be 1,5 times deeper pot.

Next, macerate the roots of the seedling. To do this, place the pot in a container of water. Until the roots soften, get hole.

In the hole for a tree should add fertilizer (compost), then the soil with the fertilizer must be mixed thoroughly with a garden fork. Tree planting must be carried out in moist soil, so the hole you need to fill a few buckets of water.

Then gently pull the seedling from the pot and place in the center of the hole, what would the root system hidden in the soil. Land with fertilizer, needs a bit of RAM, locking this plant.

And finally, it is recommended to carry out additional fixation of the seedling with wooden slats. To do this, close the tree needs to drive a few strips at an angle to the seedling (an angle of approximately 45on) not too tight and bind them with the barrel, then the hole fill with water. The slats may be removed through 1-2 year, depending on the growth of seedling.

That's all, we wanted to tell you about that, how to choose the right trees and shrubs for the lawn! I hope, that our information useful to you in composing of lawn with ornamental plants!

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