An unusual garden bench made of boulders with their hands

Stay in the garden is an integral feature of the garden. In addition, I want to relax in the evening in the gazebo or on the terrace, there is still the option, when after working in the garden or the garden have a desire to sit on the bench for a few minutes. In this case, a small bench near the garden path will be just by the way. What would your garden how to make a unique and impressive, you need all the elements to do "with a twist". Another creative idea and the subject of our article!

The original garden bench with their hands

Необычная садовая скамейка из валунов своими руками

An unusual garden bench made of boulders with their hands

Looking for the usual – wooden and metal garden furniture you want to make some creative contribution to its garden site. There is a lot of original ideas for creating garden benches for the garden and one of them garden bench on the boulders, which we now discuss!

In order to make such an unusual garden bench with your hands we need:

  • Two boulder about the same size and shape
  • Board 5 cm thick
  • Roulette
  • Electric drill
  • Elektrorubanok
  • Hacksaw
  • Shovel
  • The grinding head
  • 2 drill: wood and diamond (stone)
  • Sand and gravel
  • A few anchor bolts
  • Socket wrench set
  • Antiseptic or paint
  • Brush

So, go to the technology building benches with their hands:

  1. Calculate the necessary length of the garden bench and mark the location of the boulders on the lawn near the garden paths.
  2. Using the cart, deliver the boulders to the destination

Here it is necessary to give important advice: to avoid damage lawn the wheels of the truck, which will device is forced under load, line a rimmed on the grass Board and move the truck on them.

  1. Using a tape measure, determine the size of the boulders and mark the holes, in which they will be installed.
  2. Remove the bayonet with a shovel a layer of soil to a depth of not less than 20 cm. If one of the boulders above the other, the depth of one hole make, respectively more, whatever the result, they stood at the level of.
  3. The holes create a layer of bedding sand (10 cm), fill it with water and carefully tamp.
  4. Install boulders into the hole. They provide reliable stability.
  5. The space between the boulders and the side of the pit and fill with sand, again moisten and tamp and pour on top of gravel.
  6. Proceed to boulders. Using the drill and sanding attachment, thoroughly clean the surface of the boulders. Streaks on the boulders can be easily removed with special tools, which many in the DIY stores.
  7. Now you can start treatment Board. To do this, trim it to the desired length and otrulivaet the plane. Then necessarily reveal protective antiseptic, which will prevent wood rot, and accordingly prolong its durability.
  8. Once the Board is dry, drilled holes in it on the right places for fixing with boulders. What would the anchor was drowned in the Board and not interfere with holiday on the bench, carefully drill a small indentation for his head.
  9. Back to boulders. Put them on the Board and the proposed locations of the mounting holes. Remove the Board and using a diamond drill make a hole of the required depth.
  10. Again laid longing (this is the last time) hammering the anchor, bonding the Board with boulders. Then tighten the bolts, that they held the Board.
  11. Paint the Board any color, waiting for, until dry, and enjoy relaxing in the garden on the bench, hand made!

That's the whole technology of building garden benches with their hands! Just, cheap, creative! We wish also to read the article: how to make rocking chair their hands!

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