Some ideas for creation of unpretentious garden with his own hands

Called the unpretentious garden, which can exist, without losing its attractive design for a long time without maintenance by the owners. To make such a garden is quite simple and now we will give you some ideas for creation of unpretentious garden with his own hands.

Ideas for creating unpretentious garden

Idea # 1 – a Minimum of plants

Not necessarily that the garden consisted of green arkivmusic flower beds, the mixed borders and other decorative clusters of flowers and shrubs. First, behind them need special care, and we have no time for this, and secondly, the flowers need to choose the right, to create a harmonious flower garden. Replacing ornamental plants can be a composition of painted stones, small architectural forms, garden figurines etc. Based on this, the number of plants needed to minimize, then the garden can be almost not to care.

Минимум растений в неприхотливом саду

A minimum of undemanding plants in the garden

Idea No. 2 – the Stone garden paths

For garden paths from natural stone no special care is required. Important during the installation of the track, build at the bottom of the PVC film, which will protect the surface from weed germination. In addition to natural stone walkway can be paved, artificial stone or even pour decorative gravel. The latter option is very desirable, because the gravel can be planted drought-resistant plants to improve the attractiveness of the suburban area. In a pinch, you can leave the gravel without additional facilities and it will complement the landscape design.

Каменные садовые дорожки в неприхотливом саду

Stone garden path in the unpretentious garden

Idea # 3 – Using drought-resistant plants

If you still wish that your garden was green, the idea is to create unpretentious garden with your own hands is quite reasonable. All you need is to pick up several types of drought-resistant plants. It is recommended to give preference to plants, as:

  • Lavender
  • Iris
  • Mac
  • Ornamental grasses
  • Saxifrage
  • Aster Bush
  • Tysyacelistnik
  • Bergenia

Most importantly, pay attention to the relation of plants to the sun, because. despite the fact, these plants are drought-resistant, many of them die in the shade, so pick a place on the site, which is well lit throughout the day.

Использование засухоустойчивых растений в неприхотливом саду

The use of drought-resistant plants in the unpretentious garden

Idea # 4 – Use automatic system for garden care

Not necessarily to create a modest rock garden with the cultivation of several types of drought-resistant plants. You can even create a flower garden of water-loving plants only to equip them automatic watering system, which every day several times a day watering the flowers, the main thing to put in the time and frequency on the control panel.

Автоматический полив в неприхотливом саду

Automatic watering in the unpretentious garden

Idea # 5 – Decoration of vases without flowers

Another unusual idea is to create unpretentious garden with his own hands – setting throughout the flower pots of different sizes. They effectively complement the garden and give the landscape design highlights and mystery. Don't be afraid, without plants, the pots look good, do not forget to remove them for the winter, otherwise defective baked products may crack.

Украшение вазонами без цветов

Decoration vases without flowers

Idea # 6 – Arranging garden stones

If used as a landscape design technique – the garden of stones, you can forget about caring for this garden. Important to choose the stones of interesting shape and size, then create one harmonious composition, as shown in photo example:

Сад камней на дачном участке

A rock garden on a country site

As you can see, ideas for design of unpretentious garden with their hands a lot. You can choose the most suitable landscape design, which requires minimal maintenance!

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