Making garden lanterns – 38 original ideas

Standard lamps and garden lights, we can see on the shelves of specialty stores, can't always fit the General composition created garden decor. Of course, many design decisions and techniques of decorate lamps sold, but sometimes you want something more unusual and unique. So why not create an original garden torch with his own hands?

All you need to buy the store garden lighting necessary items and to collect any lamp self. It sounds more dangerous, it looks really, especially to decorate your lamp you will be able as anything and everything.

The advantage of homemade lamps

Садовый светильник, сделанный своими руками из фосфорных камней.

Garden lamp, made from phosphate rocks.

The main advantage of garden lamps, hand made, is, they can be any size, shape and design. This lamp is in any case will fit into your garden decor, because. you'll be his direct designer. There 2 the decoration lamps:

  • The creation of a unique support, rim, the fixture for the lamp with a standard lampshade
  • The creation of the original ceiling, which later be placed on a normal footing.

You can also try to do both with their hands, but it will be a plus, because. light and so will be unique and elegant.

Country lights in garden design

Дачные фонари в дизайне садового участка

Country lights candles at, in garden design.

For each area of the garden areas should be selected such lights and lamps, which will be an original complement and decorate this place. For example, barbecue hardly will decorate store fixtures, but if you buy a led lamp and place it wooden or stone veneer, then everything will look unique, and most importantly harmoniously.

Another variant of the design of holiday lights in the garden is to hide the led bulbs in the branches of trees and shrubs. Day such lamps will not be visible, and at night they will illuminate the trees, so more and serve functional light for gardening area.

The important point in the self-creation of country lamps is security. It is recommended to use for garden lighting with his own hands the low voltage network. Ideal lighting can be decorative solar lamps.

Create ceiling lights for garden with your own hands

To create light with your hands you just need to pay attention to unnecessary means. Material for the ceiling can serve as an original glass bottle, baby cubes, garden figures, baskets, flower pots, vases, kerosene lamps etc. In General, all, that catches the eye and has a beautiful appearance, can be a unique shade for your garden lamp.

Another version of the original canopy to make it with my hands from polymer clay. All you need is to choose a convenient form for the ceiling (bottle, Pak of juice, carton pack of milk etc.), squeeze him strips of polymer clay and when it hardens, to remove the workpiece from the received form. Now just install it the led lamp ready lamp and flashlight ready country!

A good production version of a garden canopy is the use of old film. Take a normal frosted lamp, applied to the bulb glossy decoupage glue and place the prepared film, which then reveal the glue again (this is necessary, because. the glossy glue and attached to the original lamp glow).

Photo examples of colorful garden lanterns, created by your own hands

In fact, the idea of creating an original garden lamp very much, all of them don't list in a single article, so show the bright ideas of some of them.

As lighting for the garden made by your own hands can be of different handy tools, available in almost every country:

  • garden lamps and lanterns from tin cans;
  • garden lamps and lanterns from glass jars;
  • outdoor lamp solar battery;
  • wooden garden lamp;
  • garden lights concrete;
  • garden lights from the thick filament;
  • other options of garden lamps.

36 photos ideas garden, country lanterns, you can do with your hands

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