Several ways to protect the edges of the lawn

Very often you can see, as the contours of the lawn and cause bald patches of lawn grass, this is due to the fact, when mower front wheels mower fall into the recess of the curb, as a result, the knives begin to cut the grass at an angle and cut out entire sections. In order, to solve this problem it is necessary to create protection of the lawn edges. Next, we consider the most popular types of borders for the lawn!

Kind of protection of the lawn edges

The most durable and attractive are capital curbs for lawn from brick either natural stone. They not only give the lawn and all areas more extensive landscaping, but also allow you to visually separate the boundary of the lawn from garden paths.

Кирпичный бордюр для газона

Brick border to lawn

If you do not want to spend money and time creating a capital brick border to lawn, you can use a ready-made borders from the manufacturer, which can be as decorative trims, and just made as protection of the lawn edges.

Ready curbs without finishing

This option to protect the edges of the lawn is cheaper, but at the same time allows you to keep the contours of the lawn grass in the normal form. Ready curbs without finishing can be made of metal, high-strength plastic or wood, it all depends on your preferences and financial possibilities.

Обыкновенная защита кромок газона

Ordinary protection of the lawn edges

The installation of the finished curb for the lawn is simple and fast. All you need is to drive along the contour of the turf stakes and is ready to fix the border between the lawn and the pegs.

Decorative borders for lawn

If you want not only to protect lawn edges from damage by lawn mower, but also decorate the borders of the green areas, it is recommended to purchase all the same ready-made borders, but only with decorative trim. They, as a rule, a little more expensive, but at the same time, made in the form of a wooden netting, painted steel grating etc.

Installation of decorative curbs for the lawn is just as easy and just.

This helps protect the edges of the lawn! Please note that, after fixing the curb needs to be repaired all the cracks fertile soil, what would the lawn grew and hid the technological joints and pegs!

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