Equip your private home automatic swing and sliding gates, hand made

The most popular types are swing gates and sliding gates. Their advantage in usability, which can be extended, using automation. In order, what would independence to install automatic gates will need certain skills, without which this process will be very long, or it will fail.

The choice between sliding and swinging gates

About, what gates are the best: sliding or hinged stand to reason, after analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of each types.

Today, the popularity of sliding gates won the championship, pushing the usual for all swing gates.

Откатные ворота

Sliding gates

The advantage of swing gates only, they have a more simple design, but sliding doors are considered the best due to the fact that they have no restrictions of the upper and lower opening, which is important for large vehicles.

The disadvantage of sliding gates is the existing costs of fittings and accessories of mechanism of haulage, however, because of the obvious advantages of this disadvantage is considered to be little significant.

Распашные ворота

Swing gates

To summarize we can say, considering the convenience of operating the gate, it is recommended to choose sliding gates with integrated automation, which we now discuss.

How do automatic swing gates with their hands

The main advantages of swing gates

Автоматически распашные ворота

Automatically swing gates

Swing gates are more familiar to gardeners and have a number of advantages:

  • The simplicity of the design
  • The low cost of creating
  • Long life
  • No extra cost for parts

The drawback of swing gates single, and it is not very significant – in the winter, need to clean up the place for opening the gate of snow.

The use of swing gates are made in the case, if the area is no place for sliding system.

How to create automatic swing gate

Схема автоматических распашных ворот

Diagram of a automatic swing gate

The first thing you need to install the support poles. To do this, out of the pit, depth 1-1,5 meter, they established posts and filled with concrete. Prior to complete solidification of the solution you have to wait about 7 days.

The posts can be metal, so wood. Recommended cross-section given the required stability shall be not less than 100*100 mm.

If you want to use concrete pillars bricked, the Foundation should be proanimirovany.

All elements of the design of the swing gate are requested to clean up, to process anti-corrosion treatment and paint, whatever gates did not give in to rotting and lasts as long as possible.

About, how to make a sliding gate with their hands you can see in this article, instruction is provided in the last subtitle.

After, as the design of the gate will be mounted on supporting columns, go to the selection and installation of automation systems. For this purpose we need to find the drive, given the following parameters:

  • The linear dimensions of the valves
  • The weight of the door
  • Length from the middle of the door hinges to the side walls

Automatic gate opening can be carried out inside the garage, and outside, but given the fact, often the size of a small garage, it is recommended to use the last option.

The design and General appearance of the drive is not worth paying attention to, because. it will be inside the courtyard and is unlikely to be much rush in the eyes of others, moreover, the sizes of the drives are about the same.

In order to choose and install automatic open/close gate it's better to take the help of experts, because. their services will not be too expensive, and the quality of work you will feel immediately.

How to make automatic sliding doors with their hands?

Автоматически откатные ворота

Automatically sliding gates

The principle of operation

The principle of operation of the sliding gate is: guide rail, welded to the frame gate moves on the roller trucks, mounted on concrete Foundation.

The guide rail is a square tube, protecting the truck from dirt, water and snow.

Rolling carriage is a mechanism of 7-8 rollers, which consist of bearings in a metal cage.

Period of operation of the sliding gate is 15 years when caring for them.

The kit of accessories for sliding gates include:

  • 2 roller trolley
  • The upper supporting rollers
  • Catchers
  • Guide with plugs for the ends
  • Rolling cart

Installation of automatic sliding gates

Схема автоматических откатных ворот

Automatic sliding gates

Installation of sliding doors begins with the installation of the supporting pillars of technology, similar to the above (swing gates).

Next, you need to make a Foundation for the sliding gate. It is recommended to use the channel, wide 20 cm and rebar (14 mm). The rebar must be cut into meter long pieces and weld to the walls of the channel – this will create the basic design.

Then we rip a hole for channel (the depth of the pit 1,5 meter, width not less than 40 cm, length – half the width of the gate) pour all the concrete and put the channel. You need, what would the channel was level with the road, and in any case were not.

Now create the frame of the gate. For this we use metal profile 60*30mm. By welding create woodwork, his sheathed or corrugated sheet polycarbonate and proceed to the connection with the sliding mechanism.

First put the videos on the channel, on the rollers the rolled protective frame, which is subsequently welded to the gate.

You should pay attention to, all construction and installation must be done, using a Builder's level, because. skewed design quickly bring the gate down.

After, as the gate will be ready, install the automatic system and enjoy a comfortable using an automatic sliding gate made with your own hands!

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