An overview of the most popular types of lawn – lawns and photos

Today in the landscape design of the site, there are many types of lawn grass for landscaping garden. Each species has different characteristic features. Some are resistant to trampling and suitable for playing football. Other mind-boggling of its kind. The rest is easy to do with your hands, not demanding to care for and can bloom under the hot sun. Next, we'll talk about the structure of each of the popular types of lawn, but I'll also give you a clear photo examples of landscaped suburban areas each species of lawn grasses.

Parterre lawn

Партерный газон

Parterre lawn

Parterre lawn is called the classic English lawn.. This type lawn is more attractive and has top class. To create this type of lawn is necessary to make regular haircut and watering lawn, in addition, green carpet thoroughly fertilize, comb etc.

Parterre lawn, unlike other types of, is the center of the composition of landscape design. It is unnecessary to decorate trees, flowers and other plants. By area, this type of lawn should be the largest among all elements of landscape design suburban area.

To create a parterre lawn use 80% seeds of Kentucky bluegrass and only 20% red fescue.

Moorish (meadow) lawn

Мавританский (луговой) газон

Moorish (meadow) lawn

Moorish lawn decided to call meadow lawn. The device of the Mauritanian grass involves the use of about 80-90% perennial lawn grasses and 20-10% seeds of wild flowers in your region. The result is a mix of grasses for the lawn, which create a small lawn on the site, which is almost maintenance free.

Moorish lawn by way of care differ from traditional ground. Mowing the lawn in this case does not apply, and if it is it is extremely rare.

The idea of the Mauritanian grass – to create a flourishing meadow, which is painted bright herbs all season long (from spring to late autumn). Specially selected plants with different flowering periods: as some plants will wither, others are just starting to bloom.

Common (gardening) lawn

Обыкновенный (садово-парковый) газон

Common (gardening) lawn

Common, and they are also called garden and Park lawns are considered second class after the classic English lawns (ground).

Device common lawn involves the use of turf grasses, which are both resistant to drought, mechanical damage and at the same time do not require too careful care.

If an ordinary lawn well groomed, for several years the growth of this grass could be called almost parterre lawn, because. smooth grass and bright green flowering typical of an ordinary lawn.

Most often, garden and Park lawn is used to create urban parks, as well as picnic areas and even playgrounds.

It is not recommended to equip an ordinary lawn-in under the car or the soccer field, because. for this type of grass seed are perennial ryegrass and fescue, not suitable for heavy mechanical loads.

Sports turf

Спортивный газон

Sports turf

Seeds sports turf have a high price, because. lawn grass is highly resistant to mechanical loads and at the same time has an attractive bright green appearance.

Most often, sports turf used for arranging Golf courses and football.

The device sports turf includes a mixture of herbs with the following ratio: 2 the proportion of perennial ryegrass/3 of the proportion of red fescue/3 shares of the bluegrass Asherah. In the same way gardeners use a mixture of herbs: 3 shares of the bluegrass/1 share the sheep's fescue/1 share of red fescue/1, the proportion of perennial ryegrass.

Please note that, what sports lawn you can sow your own hands, the main thing that the sowing rate was not less than 30 g 1 m2, otherwise, the green carpet will be "bald" and normal to train on it will fail.

Wild (lazy) lawn

Дикий (ленивый) газон

Wild (lazy) lawn

A wild lawn is a reflection of the wild vegetation of your region. Its just called lazy lawn, because. to create this lawn takes a minimum of time and money, and most importantly the care is carried out. Special measures when preparing the soil for the wild lawn is. The main thing is to remove the most visible weeds and seedlings on the territory of the plant, suitable your area.

Device wild lawn involves the planting of such plants, as bent grass, ryegrass, bluegrass and fescue. All you need, to find them in the landing or near the road, cut into several pieces and scattered around the site of the future lawn. After that, the plants are covered with a layer of fertile soil (about 5 mm) and watering is carried out.

Through 2-3 season after planting, the wild lawn, the green carpet will decorate your country site. The main time to remove such weeds, as ragweed, burdock, sow Thistle etc.

Haircut wild pitch, you have to implement 2 once a month, whereby the same will be weed control.


Рулонный газон


Recently gaining popularity turf. Its advantage lies in the fact, what suburban area you can decorate with a bright green lawn in a short period of time. It is prudent to use when creating the artificial hill, the decoration of recreation areas and other elements of the garden.

Device turf includes a layer of sod, high strength mesh and grass. The coils have a length of 2 meter and width 0,4 m. The weight of a roll of turf grass is about 13,5 kg (plus or minus 1,5 kg).

Please note that, that create the turf you will not succeed, because. this requires special equipment and technology.

About, how to carry out installation of turf read this article.

Shadow lawn

Теневой газон

Shadow lawn

If the terrain, you want to decorate a lawn, shrouded in the shade of the trees or two-storey villas, it is necessary to use special mixtures, including shade-tolerant plants. Today in specialized stores, there are many seeds, which can actively grow and decorate the shaded area.

There are also roller shade tolerant lawns, having a higher price.

Device shadow lawn involves the use of a maximum share of red fescue in mixtures.

Urban lawn

Городской газон

Urban lawn

Urban turf should be unpretentious, consisting of turf grasses, which do not require frequent watering, haircuts etc. As urban turf should have a frost resistance and resistance to trampling.

Therefore, the device urban lawn involves using the following relationship herbs: 2 shares of the Timothy meadow/1 share of long-term ryegrass/1 share of meadow fescue.

This list of the most popular types of lawn is considered over. We hope that our information was new to you and useful!

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