The original idea for the mysterious garden: creating the illusion in the garden with the help of optical illusion

The illusion in the garden create in two cases: the garden has a small area or garden is not enough raisins, which will make it more mysterious and interesting. And that the case requires special ideas for landscape design, which will fix the situation. Next, we consider the most interesting and popular ways of illusion on the dacha.

Creating the illusion in the garden with the help of optical illusion

To date, the creation of illusions in the garden with the help of illusion is an integral part of professional landscape design site. The idea for the garden "illusion" is a composition, called "Trompe-l'oeil". They include the following tweaks:
1. Installation of mirrors, which will reflect a garden plot, and create the illusion of a large garden. This illusion is used in the garden on a country site a small area (6 either 10 acres).

Зеркала для иллюзии в саду

Mirror of illusion in the garden

2. Creating the illusion in the garden with the help of identical color and shape of objects, which differ only in size. As an example, you can use the human factor: what would the eye to determine the length of the road you compare a tree near you and a tree in the distance, on the basis of which analyze the approximate length of the road. The essence of illusion in the garden of this case lies in the fact, that selects two absolutely identical objects different size (for example, choose two small architectural forms), one (which is more) set at the beginning of the garden path, and the second is installed at the end of the promenade area. As a result, the eyes will seem, that garden path has a greater length, what really is.

3. The wall paintings. The idea for the garden is the most popular illusion. The illusion of the garden presents a variety of fake entrances to buildings, a continuation of the garden, which is simply painted on the fence etc. The disadvantage of this illusion lies in the fact, what you will need to hire designers, specializing in creating wall paintings, because. the picture should be more realistic.

Настенная живопись в качестве иллюзии в саду

Wall painting as illusion in the garden

4. The use of products to create the illusion in the garden. These products can be fake entrance door of wooden slats, faux pergola, which are the entrance to the tunnel, leading in a new area suburban area (although in reality the illusion is created using mirrors, mounted between the rails or paintings, which are drawn right within the meaning of a piece of the garden).

Деревянный вход в грот-"обманку"

The wooden entrance to the grotto-“blende”

Requirements to compositions of optical illusion

Actually, the illusion in the garden with the help of optical illusion very difficult to implement, because. you must choose the right angle, the lighting and the composition.

It is recommended to set the objects of the illusion at the end of the promenade area, because. close people immediately understand what this "trick" truckers. If the mirrors or wall painting to use in a distant part of the garden, almost all walk guests will be convinced, you actually possess a huge garden.

So as to create a more real "dummy" is recommended to be installed near her, distracting objects (vases with flowers, garden figures, ornamental shrubs).

With illusion, you can also hide all the shortcomings of the garden: for example, mural to disguise a crack on the building or fence.

It is recommended to combine the illusion in the garden with the rest of the ideas for the garden, that would increase the mystique of a suburban area, for example:

  1. The depth of the lot to create the grotto, which will give the country the mystique and mystery
  2. Use a hedge or even a small maze of high hedges
  3. Why not complement the wall painting painted stones?
  4. Avenue of pergolas, which visually continues the mirror, is also a good idea to illusion

Photo examples of ideas for garden – illusion

Offer to your attention the most unusual and mysterious ideas of illusion on the dacha:

Liked? So use your creative thinking and imagination in order, that would create an optical illusion in the garden with his own hands!

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