Area patio represents a yard in an open area, fenced from the rest of the garden with hedges, garden fence or trellis.

When making the patio area it is recommended to use the following tips:

  • The base of the patio must be submitted by paving natural stone, wooden flooring or, in a pinch, a gravel cushion. There is also the option of turf covering, but in this case, the grass quickly vtaptyvaetsya and lose its attractive appearance.
  • Pay special attention to the furniture, because. the main part of comfortable stay is the convenience of chairs or sofa.
  • Set next to the patio area, oven, barbecue, outdoor fireplace either inflatable pool, that can make the holiday more rich.
  • Complete interior patio a few trinkets: garden figurines, beautiful planter or fountain.
  • Take care of good patio lighting, because. rest, as a rule, is carried out closer to the evening.

Ideas for design a patio at the cottage you can see on below photo examples:

We also recommend to browse photo design terraces in the country!

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