Sandbox for children with your own hands: everything about this garden building.

Песочница для сада своими рукамиOne of the simplest garden buildings, which not only decorate the area, but bring fun for kids, is the sandbox. In order, that would make the sandbox with his own hands does not require large cash expenditures, or a lot of time, therefore, anyone can realize a childhood dream into a reality, especially when the children grow up, the sandbox will serve as a bed for flowers or a decorative pond.

Overview of the sandbox for a garden plot

The material for the manufacture of the sandbox, as a rule, tree, but sometimes for contouring use other materials, for example, natural stone or brick. The disadvantage of this "veneer" sandbox is a high injury rate. As well, the best option is a plastic sandbox, which is gaining popularity.

As for the dimensions of the sandbox, it is customary to adhere to such a size: 1,2 m*1.2 m; 1,5m*1.5 m; 1,8m*1.8 m, that would depend on the number of children. The height of the sandbox should be at least 20-30 cm. If you have a large garden area, you can equip it with sandbox, size 2m*2m or 3M*3M, adding to the song green grass and small bridges. This garden building will make the area sandy Paradise for children.

Design of the sandbox represents the content of the (sand) and contours in walls. The walls of the sandbox is needed in order, what would the sand not mixed with soil in play by children. It is recommended to sow the area around the walls of the low vegetation in the form of lawn grasses and clover, which are resistant to trampling and have a high density of shoots.

An important requirement when creating a sandbox is its safety, strength and durability. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid sharp corners in the design sandbox, as well as monitor fixture and a common view of the constituent elements.

The location of the sandbox and the sand quality

Детская площадка с песочницей

Children's Playground with sandpit

When you create a sandbox you must consider a lot of organizational issues, such as: material to create, the type of construction, the shape and size, and location on farm territory. Regarding the latter, it is necessary to take this factor very seriously. Consider these points when choosing the location of the sandbox:

  1. Sandbox needs to be in constant sight of the adults. It is best to place it opposite the kitchen window.
  2. Don't build the sandbox near the trees, because. she will always be littered with dry branches, fallen leaves and bird droppings. Another adverse factor in this arrangement is the constant shadow, where the sandbox will not be able to quickly dry after a rain.
  3. Take care, what would the shadow hid the sandbox a moderate amount of time. Best of all is the time from lunch until evening. In the morning you must, what would the sun's rays fall on the site of the Playground. That would create shadow for a particular time of day, you need to correctly position the sandbox near the tent, wood, home or other structure.

Another important requirement is the quality of sand in the children's area. It is best to use white river sand, which can be purchased at most hardware stores. If it is not possible to acquire such sand, when another sand observe the following rules:

  1. Pay attention to, what would sand have not been designed for preparation of solution or work with bricks, because. such sand can ruin clothing and even the hands.
  2. Screening the sand through a fine mesh, because. very often there is a significant amount of foreign materials, such as: stones, shards of glass, construction waste etc.

The deepening of the design of the sandbox

During the hands-on creation of sandboxes you can retreat from the generally accepted rules and to experiment with dimensions design, and installation in the earth's surface.

The sandbox can be set on the Foundation/grass and to deepen into the ground, this option is very effective. All that is needed is to increase the height of the bumpers with the usual 30 cm to 40-45 cm. This height will not be an obstacle for the kid, and its use will become apparent. Let us consider features of constructing a sandbox:

To create a deep sandbox you must install a special drainage for rainwater. This will serve as drainage rammed a 15-cm layer of stones or pebbles, which should be at the bottom. The drainage must be put to agricultural fiber, or a thick plastic film, in which every 10 cm need to make holes. The agrotextile create the Foundation, which further serves as protection against grass, insects and Zarate of sand in the soil, as a result children play in the sandbox.

The types of sandboxes

The sandbox can be fixed (constructed in one place for a long time), mobile (collapsible, can quickly be dismantled for moving to another place).

To create a stationary sandbox will not take much time. This garden building can make even a master lover. All you need is to select smooth, planed boards and "make" them at the right angle in a rectangle or square. The thickness of the boards must satisfy the conditions of rigidity and strength of the structure, therefore, you should choose a wooden Board, thickness not less than 32mm. Another plus of this Board is a low probability of cracking during installation of the sandbox.

Стационарная песочница для детей

Fixed a sandbox for children

To create a collapsible box of the sandbox will need to include fantasy. Available options of puzzles for boxes a lot. The principle of construction consists in the proper selection of cuts, equal in length and width. It is recommended to equip mobile sandbox seats, which will be located along its perimeter. Edges of boards should be sanded and a little more rounded, to avoid the presence of dangerous sharp corners.

A very bright example of the structure of the portable sandbox is the use of equal-sized saw cut of trees or columns, acting as bumpers. Their advantage is fast installation/dismantle, the simplicity of the gathering and effective use of children (because. the logs have a large diameter, children will be able to run and jump). Sharp corners also need to grind. The only caveat to install a sandbox is a pre-treatment cuts: the place, which will enter in the ground must prosmolit, and the front side lacquering (it will protect from insects and moisture). The advantage of this sandbox is the variety of shapes and sizes, which will depend only on your imagination.

Переносная песочница, сделанная из бревен

Portable sandbox, made of logs

The construction of the sandbox roof and sun canopy

As mentioned earlier, no need to place a sandbox next to the tree or under the open sunshine, this arrangement entails the constant garbage in the sandbox, as well as the negative effects of the sun's heat on a feeble body of a child. If there are no other options, in addition to these, do not worry, because such a simple construction as a cover for the sandbox, will help you to get rid of the unpleasant problems. There are three main types of protection, you can easily make with your own hands, namely:

  • The usual cover for the sandbox. The easiest option, which is a group of boards, downed in one square, covering the sandbox after it play children. The advantage of cap is that, the debris and rain water will not fall on the contents of the sandbox, but still there is a drawback – the cover needs to be put somewhere during children's games (this is not always convenient), and the fact, each day you will have to remove/install the cover.
песочница с обычной крышкой

sandbox with the usual cover

  • Cover, which can be transformed into a bench or shelf. This type of cover is more convenient (no need to constantly remove and put somewhere cover) and at the same time functional. The only drawback of this design is the complexity of building a mechanism.
Песочница - трансформер

Sandbox – transformer

  • Plastic canopy for the sandbox. If the sandbox will be located in the open sun, it is necessary to build a special shed, what would children have not received a sunstroke. Canopy height should exceed the growth of children, whatever conditions the day you were comfortable. One of the simplest options of a canopy is to purchase and install a conventional beach umbrella. Agree, and just, and cheap, and convenient! You can also use a kind of awning to pull on the previously constructed bars for a canopy of white fabric, which is perfectly repels sunlight. Not to say, the creation of a canopy is something that is difficult and time-consuming. If desired, such work will be under the power of even inexperienced in construction the owner.
Песочница с навесом

Sandpit with canopy

We wish you a lot of original ideas for handmade creation of garden buildings, and also encourage you to read this article, as a garden lighting with their hands. Remember, what is important is the safety of the created elements of the garden, so treat the job with responsibility!

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