Disposition of the suburban area with their hands: brief instructions with illustrative photo examples

The construction of a country house always starts with a planning area. In order that the site was not only beautiful but also liveable to the layout of the site must be approached very seriously. Consider, how to plan a suburban area, as well as photo examples of the most successful layouts of a country house.

How to realize the layout of the suburban area?

Удачная планировка дачного участка

Good layout of the suburban area

In order to correctly plan a holiday area, the first thing you need step by step to perform all the advantages of the terrain, which prevails in this area.

If the area is generally smooth, but has a small pit, they need to be aligned.

If the whole plot is a continuous slope or a hill, don't worry, because. with retaining walls and decorations in the style of an Alpine roller coaster can make a unique suburban area, which will attract the attention of others and you including.

After the earth's surface area is prepared, proceed to determining placement of all the buildings in the garden, including houses.

Outbuildings and dwelling house can be made as separate structures, and one big block.

House should be the face of the plot, therefore, it is recommended to place in the front yard, but the various storage for garden tools, chicken coops and recreation it is better to build in a residential home, removing them from the eyes of the guests.

If the old layout of the site had a pond or plants, not necessarily to fix them, on the contrary, you can leave, using as elements of garden decor.

Tips for planning a suburban area

The first thing you need to determine, what are the buildings in the garden will be at their summer cottage, and what functions they will perform. The standard layout has the following components:

  • Foundation – residential building
  • Additional outbuildings – summer kitchen, garage, hozblok, attic, well etc.
  • Buildings for recreation – outdoor shower, terrace, patio, gazebo, children's Playground, bath, pool etc.
  • Gardening – greenhouses, beds, vegetable beds

After, you have selected the necessary buildings, you should decide on the material of their execution and style, because. in the end, should create a harmonious garden style.

Very important tip – make garage in the front yard, that he was in one of the front corners and had a small check-in, paved with sturdy material.

Children's Playground in the form of a treehouse or sandbox should be built in place, which is constantly under adult supervision. Ideal – the front yard or a territory, fronted kitchen window.

Before you begin the layout of the site, you must be familiar with the regulations, which specify the minimum allowable distance between buildings, control plan and the sequence of registration-planned suburban area. If not to take into account this tip, in the future you may have problems with the law.

It should be noted, that on an inclined plot, located on the South side, residential house should be placed at the highest place.

If a planned area will still remain some free space, equip it with a bed of ornamental flowers or garden figurines, complementing the overall landscape design of the area.

Fruit trees are best planted between darling street and a private fence of a suburban area – and you can save money and "face" area would gentrify.

The layout of the site on 6 acres

The plot is a 600 square meters of the earth's surface. On this site we will post such buildings:

  • Garden house 20 sq. m.(!)
  • Hozblok (includes outside shower with toilet, the barn, and a lot of compost) 15 sqm.
  • Parking 8 sqm. (4m*2m)
  • Area 75 sqm.
  • Greenhouse and vegetable patch/fruit 121 sqm.
  • Garden paths 42 sqm.
  • Trees, shrubs and flower beds 319 sqm.

Suburban area is the long side along the road. As you can see, the living room is not very large, therefore, we will be in the summer season on the weekends.

Among the fruit trees, you should choose cherries, Apple, apricot and peach.

Shrubs it is recommended to choose the following: gooseberry, currants, raspberries and honeysuckle.

Residential house must be placed in the front area not far from the fence, and maintenance was better to hide behind the living room away from the recreation area.

On free from buildings areas, it is recommended to pave the grass lawn and install a few small architectural forms, for example, a fountain or a well.

The layout of the site on 10 acres

The plot 10 acres will allow us to build a more functional living room, as well as set a comfortable rest area of the big sizes in comparison with the previous variant.

The layout of the site on 10 acres next:

  • House with veranda 150 sqm.
  • Hozblok 17 sqm.
  • Area 150 sqm.
  • The garden vegetables and fruits 120 sqm.
  • Greenhouse 25 sqm.
  • Garden 485 sqm.
  • Garden paths 53 sqm.

The principle of placing buildings in the garden the same, as for the plot of 6 acres, only with this option, you receive the possibility of additional green areas, decorative trees and shrubs around all garden buildings: recreation areas, garden paths, houses etc.

Also on a site of this size you can build a small pool and a gazebo with BBQ and mood lighting.

Photo examples of planning a suburban area

What would you clearly saw the layout of the suburban area with their hands, here are some photos of examples:

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