The layout of the site according to Feng Shui and cardinal directions, what part is responsible for what

The use of Bagua mirrors

Планировка сада по фэн-шую

The layout of the garden according to Feng Shui

The ancient Chinese art of “Feng Shui” is used for zoning not only gardening area, apartments and, room or other premises.

The basis of plan area according to Feng Shui is the Bagua mirror, so that you can identify specific areas selected areas.

According to Feng Shui any area has the following areas:

  • The Northern part of the area career
  • The northeastern part of the area of the intellect and spiritual growth
  • The North-Western part of the area, responsible for travel
  • The southern part of the area of fame
  • The South-Eastern part – a zone of wealth
  • The South-Western part of the area of family relations and marriage
  • The Western part of the area, which is responsible for the future, children and creativity
  • The Eastern part of the area, responsible for the past and family

So, are you familiar with the areas of the art of Feng Shui, now you must correctly identify the location of these zones. As a rule, the front door to the house (or the input gate on the dacha) set in the Northern part. In order, to determine the remaining zones, you need to use Bagua mirror.

Bagua mirror is a small octagonal mirror, which has a broad part of the world. All you need, this is to draw a sketch of the area, you want to plan, and in the center to place the mirror, which will determine the exact location of all zones.

Please note that, that sketch of the area (or room) must have the exact proportion and scale, otherwise you will not be able to reliably determine functional areas. It is best to use an existing floor plan or plot.

After, how do you define a broad zone, proceed to the arrangement of the garden according to Feng Shui their hands.

What objects to install in the areas of Feng Shui?

Пример планировки дачи по фэн-шую

An example of the layout of the garden according to Feng Shui

We have already considered, what areas are responsible for what, now you must correctly choose the appropriate elements of landscape design.

For starters, that for each person the art of Feng Shui involves the use of individual planning and close. For example, if the person is engaged in the career in your own home (writer, the artist, etc.), then the house itself and is the area of career. If the work is not associated with a planned plot, in the North it is recommended to install a pond or small the area for solitary reflection.
So, on the provided example with the Northern part of suburban area we understand, now go to the other zones.

The North-Eastern part

The North-Eastern part responsible for the intelligence , so you can build a small area for reading books, chess etc. This area is responsible for spiritual growth, which harmoniously fits smaller rock garden.

The North-Western part

The North-Western part is an area of travel. Most suitable outdoor site for this area could be a garage, because. it to be car, bike or even boat.

The southern part

South side – area of fame. There is a place for your hobby or subject matter activities. For example, if you are a sculptor, in the South it is advisable to set your “fruits”: homemade MAF, sculptures etc.

The South-Eastern part

The South-Eastern area in Feng Shui is responsible for wealth and riches. Very properly be installed on the South-East garden object, you will inspire on earnings (for example, garden figure in the form of a piggy Bank).

The South-Western part

The South-Western side of the garden is the area of family relations and marriage. There is a place to create a recreation area, where you can relax with the whole family after a hard day. Most often in the South-West create a zone patio, either erect a large gazebo.

The Eastern part of the

East is responsible for family, past and health. That is why in the Eastern area of the garden are encouraged to plant trees, to build a bath or to build small pool. These objects allows you to relax with the whole family together and thus to strengthen their health.

West side

Well, the last, the West side is the children's area. A vivid example of a garden object for this zone is children's Playground, either children's Playhouse. Experts in Feng Shui say, in the Western area there is a place and a residential house, if the family is large.


Here we figured out the planning characteristics of suburban areas and garden in Feng Shui. Again we draw your attention to the fact, that portion must be harmony. It is prohibited to give preference to one particular area of the garden (for example, the area of career or children). I would also like to draw your attention to the fact, the objects in the zones should be chosen only according to your taste, and not on the advice of friends or sellers.

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