Advantages and disadvantages of welding inverter semi-automatic

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Welding inverter semi-automatic machine – equipment, ensuring high quality of the connection and reducing the cost of welding. Such equipment is characterized by automatic wire feeding, which eliminates the need for frequent stopping and replacement of the electrode. The device is protected from voltage drops, which also has a positive effect on the quality of the seam. In General, semi-automatic inverter type can be called one of the best options for welding. But when choosing a technique, you should take into account not only the advantages, but also some disadvantages, inherent in devices of this type. More choice of welding equipment here:


Semi-automatic inverter models provide high quality seam. The presence of foreign impurities in the compound is minimal, therefore, the strength is high. Irregularities, Sink, swelling and other defects are absent, if a protective gas medium is used in the performance of work. The advantages of such units also include:

  • comfort of welding of parts of different types, complex metal structures;
  • compact dimensions, if necessary, it can be transferred;
  • to connect you can use power from the mains on 220 and 380 In, the equipment is protected from voltage drops;
  • before starting the connection of blanks of large thickness, you can use the preheating function.

Semi-automatic - a good and reliable option for a small workshop, ONE HUNDRED. Often such devices are used in construction or industry.


Cons of such a device is extremely small. It should be noted quite a high cost, although this disadvantage is offset by durability, ease of operation and functionality of the unit. Initial purchase costs pay off quickly, what is especially important, if the equipment is purchased for large volumes of work.

The disadvantages also include spraying metal, if the work is carried out without a protective environment. This requires surface cleaning after completion., which increases the total time costs. Inconveniently creates and enhanced radiation of the electric arc. The welder is obliged to use a mask to protect the face and eyes from damage. However, when performing any welding work PPE is mandatory.

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