Species the font for baths and saunas

The word "font" has two primary meanings: the hole for bathing during the baptism of a large bath or reservoir for a swim after the sauna. This article is devoted to the second meaning of the word. Today, there are many ways of making a font, and kinds of functional features and methods of placing. Next, we consider all of the most popular types of fonts for baths and will provide you with the advantages and disadvantages of various options.

Ways to embed fonts

The most traditional and at the same time, successful placement baths is the place on the shore of the lake. In this case, after a good warm-up in the steam room you can run outside and jump off the pier into the pond. But such luxury is rare and that is why you have to create a small font with your own hands.

From the way you embed fonts depend on the functional characteristics of this building. Fonts can be open type, in-depth type and oblivnye.

An in-depth type of font is a small pool, equipped with a ladder. As a rule, advanced font do in that case, if the room is in the planning stage. Advanced font can be placed inside of the bath (in one of the rooms), and on the street, near the porch. It all depends on your preferences and the size of the bath. Please note that, that font, which is the bath itself, more durable, because. not subjected to unfavorable weather conditions (freezing, burning in the sun, hail damage, etc.). It should also be noted, the installation of the in-depth font is the most time consuming, and cash costs higher.

Углубленный тип купели

An in-depth type of font

Font open type represent above-ground tanks, which are connected to the water system and the sewer system for normal operation. Most of the fonts are open type apply, if there is no time and desires on the construction of major in-depth fonts. Today, there are ready fonts open type, made of wood, plastic, metal and decorated with different decorative material, later we will consider the options for making open fonts.

Font open type

Font open type

Font oblivnye type apply, if there is no place to embed in-depth or open font. They represent the capacity (bucket), set on one of the walls of the bath. This container is attached to the rope, pulling the bucket dumped on you, pouring cold water. The system works as follows – in the bucket set the float mechanism, regulating the level of water in the bucket, and the bucket is mounted on the rotating axle. As soon as the bucket will turn over, it automatically returns to its original position, and water is taken to the desired level. The advantage of font obivochnogo type is the minimum cost of creating a font.

Купель обливного типа

Font oblivnye type

Materials font for a bath

As we have said, the font can be made of various materials. As for the in-depth type font, it, as a rule, create of concrete. Font for baths open and can create from wood, plastic, composite material and metal. Next, we consider the advantages and disadvantages of the various materials of the font for the bath.

Just draw your attention to the fact, what is the most easy to care for and cheap are the plastic and composite fonts. If you want that the font was not only beautiful, but useful – choose the wooden baptismal font., but it needs special care.

Concrete font

Бетонная купель

Concrete font

The concrete font is made with his own hands and has the greatest volume of work. To create a concrete baptismal font is necessary to dig a suitable pit, to ensure waterproofing of the walls, to place the formwork and pour the concrete. In this case, you will create a strong long lasting hot tub for baths, you want just to decorate your decorative material.

In addition to high durability of concrete fonts, another advantage of this construction is the fact, like cold water in a concrete bowl will not heat.

Plastic font

Plastic fonts are one of the most popular options. To date, manufacturers of plastic tubs offer many shapes and colors of plastic tubs, besides the price of the product is not too large.

Plastic can withstand high mechanical loads (for example, blow), it is durable and do not require nursing care.

Another advantage of the plastic tubs is the design ability to understand and connect in place of the font. It is sometimes very important, because. in one doorway will not are included font open type. In the case of plastic, the components are joined together at the installation location of the fonts using special welding polypropylene sheets.

The disadvantage of the plastic font is, what plastic can't keep the temperature cold water for a considerable time.

Metal font

Металлическая купель

Metal font

In the market of bathroom accessories and structures there is also a metallic variant of execution of the font for the bath. The popularity of metal font is not scored, because. it is hard to set and deliver to the installation site. As for the advantages of metal font, it is only the ability of a metal to maintain a low water temperature. In addition to its heavy weight and complexity of the installation, metal font and can fit into the interior of the baths, that too is a very important point!

Composite font

Another option for making the font for the bath is a composite font. This material is a compound of fiberglass and polymers, which form strength and at the same time light material. The composite material has a tensile strength of not only the above, than plastic, but even higher, than concrete.

Wooden baptismal font.

Well, finally, we went to the most traditional, attractive and useful view of the baptismal font – wood. Wooden hot tubs are the most expensive type fonts open type. The price of a font depends on the type of wood, what we have now details stop.

Every sort of wood for a wooden hot tub has its own useful properties.

Oak font has a healing effect on human skin, the Central nervous system and normalization of sleep.

Cedar font also promotes positive effects on the human nervous system and the skin.

The font of larch known for its strength and durability, besides larch promotes relaxation of the body.

Beech font beneficial for the cardiovascular system and skin.

Despite all the advantages of a wooden hot tub, it requires the greatest care, because. raw antiseptic the tree quickly succumbs to rot.

Please note that, creating fonts for the bath with his hands is a very time consuming process. Independently, it is recommended to only create concrete font, where the basics of building a similar establishment concrete pool. In other cases, it is recommended to use ready-made options, with not too high cost!

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