Recommendations for the design and construction of the interior of the bath with his hands

After the construction of the baths remains one, no less important, and at the same time time-consuming exercise – creating the interior of the bath. Design Lounges, the steam room and the changing room has some important nuances. Next, we consider the most popular building materials and accessories for design of the bath, but I'll also give you guidelines for creating a cozy, calling delight steam.

Basic recommendations for the design of the bath

Интерьер классической русской бани

Interior of a classic Russian Banya

Bath is building, which serves exclusively for relaxation, and the rest you will, as a rule, not one, and in the company of friends. Accordingly, the interior of the baths must be strictly individual, and more classic, what would the horrified by your preferences and tastes.

The classic design of this bath bath with frame, in which is sheathed with Board siding, or left the same internal wall with frame.

Bath should not be bright inside, the walls and ceiling, as a rule, must have a soft wood color.

The corners of the bath must be smoothed, because. the room buildings are small, especially the steam room.

By design bath needs to give preference to one tone of wood, what would the rooms weren't fussy.

Don't decorate the bath, various plastic and lacquerware, because. at high humidity and temperature will be allocated toxic substances, which affect both the smell in the room, and your health.

The classic elements of a bath – a samovar, broom, hats and brooms with herbs, therefore, it is desirable to dilute the interior of these objects, during the rest you will need.

Lighting in the bath also affect the interior. Preference should be given to lamps with soft yellow light. Bright lights will make the situation more tense, that have a negative display on vacation.

Next, we will examine how to implement the design of each individual room in the bath.

Design Lounges

Leisure room specific requirements for the design and overall interior is not shown. The main thing is to make classic Russian style bath with his hands.

Based on this, the walls should be sheathed with clapboard. The lamp can be mounted on the ceiling, and set on the walls (small lamps).

Sex is better to pave tiles, because. first easier care, and secondly, this will dilute the interior of the baths. In addition, one should pay attention to, wooden floors get dirty quickly and absorb most of the damage from excess moisture. Cheaper, but, however, valid option is the use for the floor covering of linoleum.

The rest room need to arrange a large table and benches or chairs. Pay attention to the fact, the furniture should be wooden, because. humidity will be high and Trapani chair or chairs will quickly deteriorate.

In the rest room, it is recommended to hang a shelf, you can put the tea, aromatic oils and other things, needed in bath.

On Windows it is recommended to hang roller blind made of bamboo or cotton.

The main thing that should not be used when creating the interior in the break room, this various decorations of synthetic, because. for the Russian style baths, it is generally not suitable.

As for music and other equipment (TV, recorder, DVD player), here it is your, they certainly don't fit well with the interior of the Russian bath, but during the holidays are indispensable.

Unusual and at the same time, it is useful to complement the interior of the bath, namely Lounges, small fireplace. He will make the break room more warm, and the atmosphere is discharged.

The design of the steam room

Steam is the main attraction of the baths, so the interior of the steam room and the design of all its elements should be carefully considered.

For starters, the material of steam room is, no doubt, tree, best Board siding. Be sure to pave the floor tile, we have already said why.

The interior of the steam must necessarily include a bucket of water and ladle, without them, the steam room will be imperfect.

The main advantage of the steam – oven-stove, she us warm. It is best to leave the classic version of the furnace from fire brick red. No need to experiment with materials and forms of furnace, naturalness and simplicity are always in fashion. If we have to change the design of the stove, then give preference to natural stone or glass inserts.

Another important point – the-shelf. Roomier than will steam, so cozy to be in it. The shelf needs to be angled, better in few steps.

The sharp corners in the steam room at all eliminate, they show the true dimensions of the room, which size, as a rule, about 4-6 m2.

An important point of design is the door to the steam room. The classic version, with solid wooden doors, more modern glass doors. We recommend you to use the last option, because. always calmer is a translucent room, especially knowing, in the event of an emergency the door can be broken (though 8 mm glass is not just). Departing from the design of the steam room facilities being in it, recommend installing a door with opening outwards, because. free space in the steam room you have very little.

Materials for design bath

For the design of baths is recommended to use wood, but in this case there may be problems.

A clear example – the shelves are made of pine, what is not appropriate, because. pine when heated, tar, which can you to burn.

In addition, there are a few nuances of material selection for design of the bath, namely:

  1. The cheapest option covering the walls and ceiling in the bath – pine, about its drawbacks in the steam room we've already told you. Pine is recommended in the break room, where wood heating is not carried out, and therefore the harm it will not cause. In addition, the pine gives off a pleasant aroma, what makes the sauna more comfortable.
  2. For covering steam use lime and larch. These varieties of wood does not only decorate the interior of the baths, but will serve more than a dozen years, without fear of rotting.
  3. The bathroom does not necessarily make of wood, as Paul, the walls can be made out of tiles, the wood tone, this will fill the interior of the baths and make the care more simple room.
  4. In addition to tiles, sex in the bath can be paved with wood, if you do decide on this, not too unreasonable, choose at least a grooved or edged boards.

Photo examples design bath, the interior of all rooms bath

We offer you photo examples of the most popular designs of the baths the Russian style:

As you can see, the interior of the Russian bath can be very different, from the classic to the more modern, but still the design was the wooden elements, remain constant.

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