The hedges in the garden, in the country + 50 photo: recommendations for the care and selection of shrubs for green fence

Hedge is one of the most creative ideas for garden, in which you want to produce zoning, separating the Seating area from the garden or garden buildings. For that would hedge in the garden looks attractive and lasts for one season, you need to choose the right shrubs, its constituent. The choice of shrubs depends on the intended purpose of the hedge: protection from prying eyes, shelter from wind gusts or just a bright decor element. Next, we consider the most popular ornamental shrubs and trees for hedges, 50 photo examples of hedges photo galleries, article.

The types of hedges

Specialists in horticulture, received a conditional subdivision hedges on the types of, namely: hedge of homogeneous bushes and the hedge of a "mix" of shrubs. A brief look at each of the types.

Hedge of homogeneous bushes

Живая изгородь из однородных кустарников

In the photo example of the hedge of uniform shrubs in the garden.

Hedge of uniform shrubs composed of only one type of plant. Most popular shrubs for the hedge are:

Features of some species of shrubs we briefly considered, so we will not dwell on this issue.

The hedge of a "mix" of shrubs

Combined hedge, as you guessed, consists of a mix of several types of ornamental shrubs. A requirement for creating this type of hedge is a thorough preparation of the scheme of arrangement of shrubs.

Смешанная живая изгородь

The photo is an example of a mixed hedge in country garden.

If a hedge of a homogeneous shrubs can perform at most only a protective function, the mixed hedge is intended to complement the landscape design of the plot, because. has a very shining appearance.

15 Photo examples the hedge of various shrubs and trees – color mix

To create a mixed hedge made use of not only shrub planting, but the selection of trees for garden country house, garden or cottage. The most popular trees for hedges in the garden are considered:

  • Decorative fir or blue spruce,
  • Birch,
  • Linden,
  • Elder,
  • Kalina,
  • Pine,
  • Maple.

Features of these trees we have already briefly considered in the relevant article. Among shrubs for a mixed hedge using the same plants, as for ordinary hedges.

Features creating a hedge of ornamental shrubs

In order, what would the hedge is well blended into your garden and how you can quickly start to show their decorative function, it is necessary to properly key issues:

The growth rate of shrubs

The first thing you should take into account the fact, from planting shrubs and to fully-formed hedges, it may take more than one season, usually growing hedges in the garden, is 2-3 year.

Созревшая живая изгородь

Photo Mature hedge, after 3 years of growth.

That would be a natural way to accelerate the process of maturation of the hedge must adhere to the following requirements:

  1. The location of the shrubs of the hedge should be on the Sunny side, because. sunlight encourages plant growth. If a hedge placed in the shade, you will not only move the time of flowering hedges, but spoil her appearance (because. shrubs will be attracted to the light and to go beyond the smooth wall).
  2. For each climate and soil, you will need certain types of shrubs, who will be able to grow normally and to function under given conditions. For example, if you plant a hedge of climbing roses on a plot with high humidity, which is in the shade, plants can't live in these conditions and the season. So before you create a hedge on a country site, it is recommended to use the advice of a specialist in landscape design and gardening, who will advise you on the most suitable plants for your garden.

Soil preparation for hedges

Пример не плотной живой изгороди на дачном участке

In the photo example is not dense hedges at their summer cottage.

As shrubs for hedges require a high amount of moisture and nutrients, the soil should be abundantly dobratsa, to razryhlitelya and watered. Read so do we the user manual about the installation of an automatic irrigation system garden.

Don't forget about it, what shrubs do not tolerate cramped space, therefore, they must be planted at a small distance from each other.

Fertilize the soil mineral and organic fertilizers.

In order, to plant the seedling into the soil, you must create a planting hole, to release the seedlings from the cover and straighten the root system to place the plant in a hole. Next, sprinkle the roots with soil, lightly tamped and watered.

The choice of the height of the shrubs

This question depends on the purpose of the hedge.

If you want to implement zoning of the site by hedges, enough to create a half-meter green wall.

Невысокая живая изгородь

The photo shows a low hedge, for internal fencing, not external the fence.

For a low hedge will fit the following shrubs:

  • Mahonia Holm,
  • Gooseberry,
  • Currants,
  • Potentilla artisanal,
  • St. John's wort Cup,
  • Yellow acacia.

If you want to hide from the eyes of neighbors and cozy to stay tete-a-tete, you need to create a hedge, not less than 2,5 meters.

Живая изгородь для мест уединения

Hedge for privacy, height more than 2 meters.

For this fit these bushes, as:

  • Forsythia average,
  • Cedar,
  • Thuja,
  • Hornbeam,
  • Cotoneaster,
  • Juniper,
  • Tis.

Well, if the hedges will serve as the fence of the estate, you must choose the most high ornamental trees and shrubs for hedges, their height exceeds 3 meter, and the name they have the following:

Живая изгородь для ограждений

Hedges for fences green fence bushes.

35 Photo of the hedge of the large, large trees and shrubs

Sometimes grow trees and shrubs to a very large size, then over your fence for sure no one will look.

It, actually, and all, I would like to tell you about shrubs for hedges in your garden, in a country house or cottage, cottage. We also recommend you to read the article the flower garden at the dacha with his hands!

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