Rotarian called the garden, the main part of the decoration is various snags and tree roots. The use of roots in landscape design is a relatively young technique, which is rapidly evolving and updated with new original ideas.

If you want to make your plot creative and don't want to spend much money on decor elements, it is rotary, what you need!

The roots and various snags can take, within plot: dead tree, or the stump in the garden can become a "highlight" of your house. If there is anything suitable, it is not a problem to go to the nearest forest and pick up driftwood original form for future use as elements of garden decor.

Please note that, that wood rot, therefore all the items rotaria in advance to handle antiseptic and lacquering (or paint).

In words very difficult to explain, how to make rotary their hands, therefore, we recommend you to view the photo gallery:

Impressed with the idea? We also recommend you to see the photos rosary at their summer cottage!

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