Create an automatic watering system for the lawn with their hands

What would the lawn was constantly saturated with moisture, you must carefully monitor watering. Today, there are convenient. automatic irrigation system lawn. Their installation, as a rule, handled by specialized firms, but take a relatively lot of money. That would save your money it is possible to mount an automatic irrigation system of the lawn with their hands. Next, we review the technology installation, components of the system, as well as the necessary irrigation of the lawn!
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Automatic watering system in the lawn

Система автоматического полива газона

Automatic watering system in the lawn

About the system automatic watering plants we have said, giving your attention to its essence, component parts, and most quality manufacturers. I would like to add, the installation of an automatic irrigation system with your own hands is a very time consuming process, require masses of calculations, the monetary cost of purchasing the components of the system avtopolivom, but in the same time to achieve the installation.

Despite this, automatic watering the lawn with their hands allows you to save a lot of money, as well as to gain experience in this field, that be useful in the future for self-repair and maintenance of the system, that as well will save your money.

How to make a automatic watering system for the lawn with their hands?

The establishment of a system of automatic watering the lawn with their hands

The constituent elements of the system of automatic irrigation of the lawn

As we have said, the establishment of a system of automatic irrigation of the lawn is a time consuming process, but if you tuned in to this work, you must purchase the following elements of an automatic irrigation system lawn:

  • Pumping station
  • Fine filters
  • Pressure regulators
  • Solenoid valve
  • HDPE pipes
  • Sprinklers
  • Controllers

Let us briefly consider the purpose and nuances of each of the elements of automatic system watering lawn.

Pumping station necessary in order, that would be sufficient to create a lawn irrigation pressure, because. it often happens that the Central water supply does not provide such pressure. The choice of the pumping station, like other elements of an automatic irrigation system lawn, you must carry out after the preparation of the project and calculate the necessary water consumption. Based on these data we select the optimal performance of the pumping station, which can provide water the whole plot or its part (if the irrigation area is large).

Fine filter. Very often the source of water for the garden serves as a makeshift wells at the site. If you irrigate the lawn with water from wells without prior water purification, sprinklers quickly fail, because. clogged fine sand. The fine filter will help to get rid of this problem.

Pressure regulators used in the case, if the automatic watering system for the lawn consists of sprinkler heads (sprinklers) different view. In this case, each sprinkler has a specific working pressure, which is set using the pressure regulator. As these elements of irrigation are used when creating drip irrigation system plant.

Solenoid valve together with the controllers is necessary in order, that would turn to water certain areas of the site. For example, if the lawn has a large area and performance of the pumping station is not enough for watering the whole lawn, you can carry full watering in 2-3 step, alternately, spraying each section. Controller can be used to determine the open/close specific solenoid valve, which supplies water to the sprinkler.

HDPE pipes (polyethylene of low pressure) are the transport route of water from the water source to the sprinklers. For creation of system of automatic watering the lawn with their hands to choose pipes of different cross-section from a source of water supply to the sprinkler with a decrease in the cross section.

Sprinklers are the Executive body of the auto-irrigation system lawn. They are in the soil and move on 15-20 cm up during watering of the lawn, then again hiding. There are static and rotary sprinklers. The first watering is carried out in certain sectors, and the rotor rotate and fill the lawn around them for a certain (working) radius.

Дождеватели, спрятанные в почве

Sprinklers, hidden in the soil

The creation of the project of automatic system watering lawn

Проект автоматической системы полива газона

The project automatic watering system of the lawn

Составляющие элементы системы автополива газона

The constituent elements of the system of automatic irrigation of the lawn

For convenience of perception we divide this step into sub stages:

1. Plan lawn. The first step is to draw a diagram of the site indicating the site of the lawn, that will be watered. So, in the scheme referred to, what areas of the garden to be watered is not allowed (for example, recreation areas, garden buildings, the fence etc.). Well, as a result divide the water area into several rectangles.

2.Calculate the pipeline capacity. To do this, measure the diameter of the pipe water supply source (to him we are going to connect the piping system of automatic irrigation of the lawn). On the basis of a certain diameter, set the table the capacity of the pipe (on the Internet there are special tables), then cover all the ramifications and establish the performance of our pipe by experiment (the number of liters per minute). Based on this, we select the optimum pipeline diameter for automatic irrigation system.

3. Determine the location of sprinklers on the plot. Because. to date, the sprinklers have different radius, until 25 meters, select the quantity and place of installation of sprinklers on the plot. On the current plan of the lawn, the compass scale accerciser circles (the ranges chosen sprinklers). Each sprinkler has its own working pressure, consumption of water and a small error in the working radius. The line pressure we have already calculated, just keep in mind, what's around the tubing formed a small pressure loss (10-15%), they need to consider when installing pressure regulator. On the basis of a water flow of one sprinkler, select the required number of sprinkler heads based on the performance of the pumping station and the number of sections on watering the lawn. Note the group of concurrent sprinklers on the plan (to them in the future will be connected to one solenoid valve).

4. The determination of the place of installation of the solenoid valves and controllers. As we have said, one group of sprinklers (section irrigation) connect one solenoid valve. Branching pipeline section irrigation is recommended in one place, that would be all solenoid valve located close to each other (for the convenience of repair and maintenance). If you choose the controller for automatic control irrigation system, the installation site must be protected and at the same time, this place must be clearly visible for the entire irrigation system.

5. The layout of the main pipeline and the branches. The last step in the creation of the project automatic watering system of the lawn is the layout of the "grid" of tubing. This stage is responsible, because. incorrect layout of the laying of the pipes can lead to large pressure loss, material consumption (and this increased cash costs) and weak efficiency irrigation. The project irrigation lines mark the place of laying the main pipe and branches. Please note that, that pipe should be less likely to bend and be routed to the sprinklers by shortest path. Another important point is the diameter of the pipe. The main pipe should be larger diameter, than forking it from the pipeline.

6. Design verification. Created project automatic irrigation of the lawn need to check again, what would the area of operation of sprinklers provided the irrigation of the entire lawn, performance of the pumping station was enough for watering etc. After the final check you can knock out a budget for materials and equipment, then go shopping and carry out the installation of an automatic irrigation system of the lawn with their hands.

Installation and first system start automatic watering the lawn with their hands

So, first mark out the area of lawn under the plan: note the routing of the pipes, the installation of sprinklers etc. Further along the marked lines pulling out of the trench for laying the pipeline. Best, if the depth of the trench below the depth of soil freezing (about 1 meter), but in this case, increases the complexity of works. It is permitted to lay pipe to a depth of 30 cm, but with a slight slope and a drainage valve najnizsza points (to drain water from the system during winter preservation system). Next, on the surface of the entire pipe line and valves connected (with fittings) and laid in the trench. Not rush to fill the trench, first, water is fed into the pipeline and check for leaks (at the same time and clear the pipe of dirt), if all goes well, juke the sprinkler and fall asleep ready automatic irrigation system lawn.

Well, in the end, adjust the direction of the irrigation sprinklers and enjoy the irrigation system created by your own hands! It remains only to maintain the system (to clean the filters, sprinkler heads, as well as to preserve the entire system for the winter).

The irrigation of the lawn

Another thing, you should know the rules of watering the lawn (General recommendations on watering the lawn), they read as follows:

  1. Watering the lawn should be carried out 1 times 3 day, max 1 once a week.
  2. Watering of turf grass is required in the evening or morning, because. the water at this time is not so evaporates quickly. It's best to water the lawn in the evening.
  3. Is sufficient watering of the lawn, if the soil is saturated with water to a depth of 30-50 cm.
  4. It is forbidden to water the lawn in the open jet, it is necessary to use a nozzle-sprayers ( systems lawn sprinkler is not the case, there are installed sprinklers)
  5. On 1 m2 water must be from 12 to 15 liters of water, if it is less, the pitch will be enough moisture, more – a surplus, grass will start to rot.

That's all, what you should know about the installation of the automatic irrigation system of the lawn with their hands, and also about caring for lawn grass!

The establishment of a system of automatic watering the lawn with their hands
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