Garden decor “minimalism” their hands, ideas, the nuances

"The simpler mechanism, the better" – quote, on which many rely for life. With regard to the simplicity of a garden style and decor, it is not so easy to create a garden, which will operate with a minimum of constituent elements. If you wish, what would your garden was spacious, free and well lit, then you obviously fit the garden in a minimalist style.

Минимализм в области ландшафтного дизайнаMinimalism in the field of landscape design your garden involves the creation of this garden, where there is no redundancy and the comfort realized by using the minimum necessary elements of decor. This style of design is suitable for busy people, who simply want a relaxing holiday in a free open space. Such minimalism can be called a Japanese style, fans who just need a quiet holiday surrounded by soft pastel shades.

Features of landscape architecture

Особенности ландшафтного стиля минимализм

Features of landscape architecture

  1. Composability. This feature is observed during planning area, because. the site is not divided into separate areas, and organize conditionally, in the Studio. For example, if the area observed differences in levels, they are used as the line of separation zones.
  2. Straightness. If you take, for example, garden paths, they should not be convoluted and confusing, it is necessary to make them smooth, the contours are accentuated and the number of such paths shall not exceed 2-3. This is straightness minimalism – each element of plot is clear and expressive underlined.
  3. The simplicity and durability of materials. Minimalism does not welcome unnecessary texture of materials. The paving material needs to be plate, stone or concrete, in rare cases, the tree (if required by arrangement).
  4. Stairs. A very important element of decor in the minimalist style are the stairs. Using them connect the changes between levels, the shape of ladders allowed a variety of (screw, rectangular, shift).
  5. Restrained colors. It is necessary to pay attention to, in minimalism the main form and the material of the decorative elements, while color plays a secondary role. The main thing that the color elements are not too bright and not conspicuous. Allowed white, beige, terracotta and silver.
  6. Pond. The use of the reservoir a positive impact on any garden style and minimalism is no exception. The main thing, that would form a reservoir meets the criteria, that is allowed rectangular, oval or round contours of the reservoir.

The plant world in minimalist style

Растительный мир минимализма

The flora of minimalism

When choosing plants for "the minimalist garden" remember, that color should not be bright, and the shape of the plant should be expressive. So perfect in this garden conifers (pyramid, blue and silver fir), and thuja, maple, cypress and juniper. It is also not a bad option garden landscaping will be climbing plants, especially grapes girl. If the composition is to add the lawn, this only further beautify the garden, without the various additions.. Not hurt grass, mosses and ferns. Allowed and even encouraged the creation of a flower garden with plants in containers (don't forget, that the shape of the pot should be strictly geometric, and the material – ceramic or concrete).

Laconic decoration for garden in the style of minimalism

Лаконичные украшения для сада в стиле минимализма

Laconic decoration for garden in the style of minimalism

Лаконичные украшения для сада в стиле минимализма

If everything is done taking into account the measures and taste, then you can add to the garden these decorations, as:

Minimalist garden furniture

Мебель для сада

Minimalist white wicker furniture for garden

As for furniture, then it must be treated in a minimalist style. You must select a simple and light furniture, which will perfectly match with garden decor. The furniture material needs to be plastic or aluminium.

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