Ways to remove stumps on the dacha

Methods of uprooting stumps

In the result of drying wood, as a rule, the barrel is cut at the root, after that is disturbing the stump, all I wish to quickly retrieve.

Today, there are lots of options that, how to remove a stump.

The most effective are the following methods of uprooting stumps:

  • Manually
  • Chemicals
  • With the help of fungi
  • Mechanized removal
  • Using petrobelli
  • Uprooting winch
  • Water or a scrap

Now let us examine in more detail each of the methods.

Removing stumps manually

Manual way to remove stumps the most lengthy and time-consuming, but at the same time not require any cash outlay. All, what you need, this shovel and axe (or hacksaw). First, you need to apkopoti the stump from all sides (about half a meter), then released the roots to cut, and he to pull the stump from the ground. This method will allow for a short period of time (a few hours) to extract the root, it does not spoil the decorative objects in the garden and not to harm the environment.

Удаление пня вручную

Removing the stump manually

Stump removal chemicals

This method is one of the most simple, because. requires physical effort. The essence of the chemical removal of tree stumps is, that stump is processed by a special tool, which for 1-2 years completely destroys it with an underground root system.

To date the chemical removal of tree stumps using the following tools:

  • Nitrate (sodium, potassium, ammonium)
  • Urea
  • Salt

A brief look at the essence of each method.

If you use potassium and sodium nitrate must be drilled into the stump hole (over 30 mm diameter) and tight to score his saltpeter, then carefully wrap the stump with plastic food wrap and leave for about a year. Once a year, you need to remove the film and to burn the remains of the stump.

Please note that, this method is not suitable for peat soils, because. they are very flammable.

Removal of the stump ammonium nitrate (actually, as urea) it is the same process. The difference is in the, something to burn the stump is not necessary, because. after a year or two, the root system will disappear by itself.

Разрушение пня мочевиной

The destruction of the stump.

When you remove a tree stump table salt you only need to fill the object with a large amount of salt in a large grinding through the stump will remain and traces of (only trash).

Removing stumps with mushrooms

The mushroom lovers, this method will allow to combine business with pleasure. All you need, is place on the surface of the stump of the mushroom mycelium favorite. As a result of his life of mushrooms will destroy the structure of the stump, then you can cook your favorite mushroom dish.

Удаление пней с помощью грибов

Removing stumps with mushrooms

It should be noted, the mushrooms have a negative impact on the livelihoods of surrounding plants, so if there grows a beautiful flower bed, think of another way.

The mechanised removal of stumps

If you are faced with not one stump, but with a garden, you may have to use special mechanized equipment – tractor, who quickly to remove all the stumps. The disadvantage of this method is the high material cost of hiring professionals, and the fact, that heavy machinery will damage the landscaping of the entire site, then you will have one week to restore the beauty.

Механизированное удаление пней

The mechanised removal of stumps

It should also be noted, instead of tractors, you can simply hire professionals on uprooting trees. They are using chainsaws and other tools to quickly and accurately remove hindering objects.

Removal using petrobelli

Pridruzili is a gardening tool, effectively extracting the old stumps with the help of grinding by the Executive body. The cost of petrobelli large, but there is a service “lease petrobelli”, the buyout will allow cheap to remove the stump for a short period of time.

Удаление с помощью пнедробилки

Removal using petrobelli

The lack of petrobelli in, she can only remove a small stump (depth 30 cm), and you do need to clear the area near from garden debris.

Uprooting winch

Uprooting a stump with a winch is quite effective and will allow you to quickly extract a stump from the ground.

You will need the following tools:

  • Winch
  • Axe
  • Shovel
  • The lever
  • Rope

Immediately it should be noted, this method is suitable only in the case, if there is a stump with a trunk about 1 meters high.

First we need to apkopoti stump around on two feet, next, cut off visible roots and to fix the winch on a nearby support (at its base). After that, the stump will need to anchor the rope (over it), and under the stump itself, as possible, put the lever. As a result of work winch, extracted the stump needs to come out from the ground.

Removing stumps with water and scrap

These two ways apply to hand removal of stumps, but only to facilitate this time-consuming process.

The removal of the tree stump scrap will fit in the case, if the tree was young. In this case, a shovel to free the roots, cut them, then right under the stump to set the scrap and with a force alternately to tilt the stump in different directions, while the current object is not completely free.

The manual removal of root with water will allow you to quickly and accurately release the roots from the ground. All you need, dig near the stump hole (at a distance of half a meter) and a hose to wash roots from the earth. The water under pressure is completely released root system, and the dirt will drain into the pit dug. As a result, net roots will only need to cut and pull the stump to the surface.

Recommend that you combine several ways. For example, the uprooting of the stump by hand using chemicals or other alternatives!

Rotary, as the usage of stumps in the country

If you don't want to fool with root, why not make it the highlight of landscape design?

Рутарий на даче

Rotary in the country

To date, very often in the cottages create rotary (the roots garden). Its essence lies in the fact, instead of extracting stumps, their paint, make flower pots etc. In order, what would you clearly see the beauty of this design ideas, recommended to view photos rotary at their summer cottage!

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