Methods of insulating the floor in the bath: instruction for insulation of floors

Mainly consists of bath recreation room, the washing compartment, the changing room and the steam room. Each room equipped with individual temperature and humidity, therefore, the technology of insulation of floors is different. In this article we will tell you, how to insulate the floors in each room and what materials are needed for this.

Sex in the bath – coating options

Утепление пола в бане своими руками

Insulation of the floor in the bath with his hands

The most popular option to create a floor in bath are concrete screed and wooden beams. Although due to non-insulated floor temperature in the bath will not change, still unpleasant to tread with bare feet, leaving the pool, on the cold floor. For this it is necessary to insulate the floor in the bath with his hands.

If you didn't realize the insulation of the floor on the stage of construction baths, nothing wrong, the situation can be corrected even when the bath is ready for operation.

As a rule, concrete floors poured in the steam room and washing room, caused by very high humidity in these rooms.

Floor boards will be in the locker room, the break room and the dressing room, because. in these rooms the temperature is not too high and the wood not so susceptible to the negative effects of moisture.

As we have said, technology insulation concrete and wood floor varies, therefore, we consider separately each of them.

Insulation concrete floor

Insulation of concrete floors is not too difficult. Insulation, as a rule, must be between the two layers of concrete. As the insulation is made use of concrete block (faction 3-5 mm), boiler ash or extruded polystyrene. The insulation of the concrete floor, its height will change to 15-25 cm, it is also necessary to take into account.

So, move closer to the event. The original option – concrete floor, aligned, without cracks and bumps. First, it must be cleaned from dust and open kauchukopodobnoe mastic in 2-3 layer (it will serve as a glue for waterproofing material). On top of the mastic immediately laid roofing material, or film of durable polyethylene. Further waterproofing should be laid the insulation itself.

Гидроизоляция пола

Waterproofing the floor

If you use expanded clay, the thickness of the layer should be 10-15 cm, when filling the boiler slag layer of insulation is 25-30 cm, for the polystyrene is enough of a cushion 10 cm.

Утепление бетонного пола керамзитом

Insulation of expanded clay concrete floor

Then again carry out the waterproofing, only now on top of a heater. The scheme is the same: mastic + the roofing material or film.

On top of the insulation to pour another concrete floor with a thickness of about 3 cm. This tie needs to complement the reinforcing layer, which will give strength concrete floor.

Because. the top layer of concrete will be final, to the extent possible, align it, and wait for, while insulated floor hardens.

The insulation of the floor for the bath can be considered completed, it remains only to make the lining concrete screed ceramic tiles. It is recommended to carry out additional insulation of the floor, selecting between tile and concrete screed system electric heating.

Insulation of wooden floor

That would insulate the floor in the dressing room or bathroom technology is needed to completely change.

To start, we break all the wooden planks with the existing floor. Under the boards we find beams, which is fixed to the old floor. These beams attached cranial beam (bottom), the purpose of which is to provide a reliable basis for the intermediate sub-floor.

So, cranial the boards must be wrapped with waterproofing material, the best option of roofing material which will. Then on top of roofing material fills the intermediate rough sex.

Please note that, all boards, which you will lay the floor, it is necessary to open protective antiseptic. It will not only improve the moisture resistance of wood, but also protects it from spontaneous combustion, decay and insect damage, that significantly extend the longevity of the wooden floor in the bath.

Back to insulation of the floor in the bath. Subfloor you have created, it just is laid insulation. The thickness of the layer of insulation – distance from the top edge of the beam to the subfloor. As insulation for wooden floor in the bath you can use previously submitted materials: expanded clay, boiler ash and polystyrene. Good material for floor insulation in the bath with their hands will serve as mineral wool.

After, as you decide on the insulation material and put him on the draft floor, carry the latest a waterproof floor and close the main floor boards. The contour of the floor it is recommended to fix the floor, they hide all the technological joints and nail heads.

I should say, they are ready wood floor can not be opened with paint or varnish, because. at high humidity, which is observed in the bath, will stand out toxic substances, harmful.

That's the whole technology of floor insulation in the bath with his hands. As you can see, the procedure is not complicated, but it requires a little time and material costs! It's much easier to insulate the floor during the construction of baths, because. in this case, the work will not require the unnecessary shearing boards.

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