Mowing the lawn with his hands: tips for first and subsequent cuts of turf grass using quality lawn mowers

The lawn is very significant decorative element of the garden plot. It can act as a complement of landscape design, and its main element. General view of the manicured lawn instantly shows how accurate and economic gardener lives in the manor, poet the lawn care needs seriously and responsibly. In this article we will tell you, how to mow the lawn and what subtleties there are in this work.

The first mowing of lawn grass

Стрижка газона своими руками

Mowing the lawn with his hands

The first mowing must carry out then, when the length of grass will exceed 10 cm. It should be noted, though the optimum height of the lawn should be 4-6 cm, the first haircut is allowed to cut no more 2-3 cm. The first haircut, as the subsequent, it is necessary to carefully sharpen knives lawn mowers, what would a future "haircut" was smooth and aesthetically attractive. Subsequent haircuts will depend on the features and looks of your lawn, climate and soil.

Subsequent mowing the lawn with his hands

After, how did you first cut the lawn and the grass grew back, start a cycle of weekly lawn cuts. This work is the longest in relation to lawn care and at the same time the most responsible, because. proper lawn care will depend on the longevity of the herbs and its appearance.

If you cut the ground lawn, regular haircuts should be 1 at times 7-10 days. It is best to start cutting the grass, when it grows back in 3-4 cm above the required size.

For parterre lawn is an ideal height should be 4 cm in winter, in the fall and in drought and 3 cm in the summer.

If your site has a meadow lawn, a haircut can be carried out not more often 2 times for the whole season, because. flowers and other plants reproduce generative (with the help of seeds). The first mowing should be carried out, when the seeds are ripe and dry (it should be noted, that grass clippings should be left on the lawn for a few days, what would the seeds blossomed and spread across the surface). The second mowing of meadow lawn is, when the plants exceed the level in 14-15 cm.

As for haircuts gardening (common) lawn with their hands, plant height should be from 4 to 7 cm, accordingly, mowing the grass should, when she will grow up to 10 cm. During the season of garden lawn shorn not more than 5-6 times.

The last mowing of turf grass

Идеально ровный газон - залог привлекательности садового участка

Perfectly smooth lawn is the key to the attractiveness of a garden plot

The last mowing of turf grass occurs at the end of September – beginning of October, when the temperature becomes not higher 12 degrees. In winter the lawn does not squints, in order, what would sod independently winterized (especially in the winter period the growth rate of turf grass minimum).

Basic mistakes when cutting lawn grass

Due to the fact, that caring for lawn grass, often, runs without the help of professionals, gardeners make a lot of mistakes, result in the grass quickly dies or loses its aesthetic appearance.

The most common mistakes when mowing the lawn with his hands is considered:

  • Work with the mower, which blunt the knives, resulting in uneven height of the lawn, and sometimes bald on top, because. the mower will rip the grass with the root.
  • Lawn grass, cut very short (height to 2,5 cm). In this case there is yellowing of the grass and its attenuation, causing the lawn will begin to grow dandelions, mosses, daisies etc.
  • Infrequent mowing the lawn, when the grass gets too long and starts to fall to the ground. After that, the lawn may experience bald spots and other adverse effects.
  • Mowing wet grass, causing the mower clogged quickly and smoothly begins to mow the lawn.
  • Leaving the long lawn in the winter, you provide it a weak immune system to diseases, such as coating of snow mold, which will provide you a lot of hassle in the spring.
  • Never work with wet lawn at all, and the more electric mower or trimmer, this can lead to hazard and receiving injury.

Tips and recommendations for proper mowing

Стрижка газона при помощи газонокосилки

Mowing the lawn with the lawn mower

Using these tips from the professionals, you will not only improve their skills in self-cutting grass, but will provide a harmonious and beautiful looking lawn on the site, therefore seriously consider the following advice.:

  • To mower you need to slowly and carefully, what would it efficiently and evenly cut lawn
  • Mowing grass to exercise in the morning, on a warm day without rain. In this case, the earth will be a little wet, and the very dry lawn grass and lawn mowers will be the most correctly and effectively
  • Before each mowing, check the integrity of the mower or trimmer
  • After every haircut, scrub the mower from the cut grass and sharpen the knives
  • Be careful, that would be the entire area of the lawn does not have stones and other obstacles, which can not only damage your knives, but to harm your health
  • During operation do not run the cable, if you are using an electric lawnmower, otherwise you will damage and may be injured
  • Constantly pay attention to the fullness of the container for grass, would watch that he was not completely filled
  • If the site is unavailable for lawn mower seats, manually trim them with clippers or trimmer
  • In hot weather leave grass clippings on the lawn, it will protect it from harmful sun rays
  • If for any reason you have launched a lawn and it became too long, you must first walk the mower at the maximum height of mowing, and then on the desired
  • Make mowing grass not on schedule, and then when its height will be at 3 cm more than the required
  • Technology of mowing grass the following: first pass of the strip in one direction (the length or width of the plot), then turn and run parallel in the opposite direction. In this scheme, the lawn will have a beautiful alternating dark and light stripes, which are formed as a result of the declination of the grass roller lawn mowers.

Using these tips, you are sure to make your lawn attractive, but beyond the technology and grass cutting still need to choose the right equipment for the job, we now discuss!

Choosing a lawn mower

The choice of lawn mower is one of the most important components, which continue to appear on the appearance of turf grass, therefore, a brief look at the nuances of this technique.

  1. It's best not to regret money and buy a quality mower with a durable hardened steel knives, you will need to cut not so often
  2. Choosing between an electrical lawnmower and a gasoline, first of all, take into account the scope of work, because. petrol lawnmower has more power and performance, designed for large areas.
  3. Pay attention to the components of the lawn mowers: container herbs need to be fabric, and the wheels are wide (that would not leave cutting marks on the lawn)
  4. Given the size of lawn areas, choose the optimal width of the mowing, what would the process of lawn care is not delayed for the whole day
  5. Be sure to purchase a lawn mower, having the height adjustment of mowing. If this device no, technique hardly belongs to the class of reliable and high quality.
  6. If you have a small plot of lawn grass better save money and buy trimmer, to work correctly which also provide beautiful view of the lawn
  7. Select less noisy equipment, because. when working with loud lawn mowers neither of which pleasure cannot be and speeches
  8. Pay attention to the material of the housing of the lawn mower: it is recommended to choose the technique, lined with aluminium or plastic.
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