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One option of construction baths – brick building. Masonry brick bath is very difficult, in this article we presented the projects of baths and the technology of masonry walls, angles, partitions.

Another kind of baths – mobile, in other words, Hiking. You can buy or make with their hands. Advantages and characteristics of heating, Hiking baths are provided in this article.

Sauna in the apartment is quite unusual and at the same time, a useful idea. In the article we're talking about, what types of residential saunas exist, and what are the requirements for installation of saunas are.

In this article we're talking about, how to carry out the wiring in the bath with his hands, that would be safety relaxing in the steam room were not in danger!

One of the most important accessories for rest in the Russian bath is a broom. About, how to choose, to prepare and zaparivat a broom for a bath read this article.

One of the main elements of the bath is the font. In this article we're talking about, what are the different types of fonts and their ways of placing in the bath.