The nature and photo examples of garden design with their hands

The front garden is decorative colourful object in front of the cottages. From the design of the garden depends on the first impression of the owners house, because. first, the guests pay attention to, that is located after the front door into the yard. Next, we'll talk about that, as with a twist to make the front garden on a country site, and what tricks it is recommended to use experienced designers.

The design features of the front garden with his own hands

Идея романтического палисадника на даче

The idea of a romantic garden in the country

To decorate the front garden with his own hands, you need, based on the overall landscape design, as well as garden style. Using all of the attractions and decorative elements, as well as the overall colors of the garden to pick up flowers and ornamental shrubs suitable shade.

An important factor is the climatic conditions are at their summer cottage, because. they will depend on the type of plant (for example, roses do not tolerate excess moisture).

In addition to the types of plants for front garden, it is necessary to consider a decorative finish garden furniture, fencing, the gate and facade of a residential building, because. they also will participate in garmoniruya compositions of landscape design.

If you have a small garden plot, and therefore tiny front garden, it can visually enlarge, using illusion. For example, install mirrors, to display the existing garden and create a look that, plants that reach far into the garden.

The design of the garden is recommended in special programs for landscape design, because. they have a wide range of graphical objects of different plants. With this you will be able to choose the most suitable plants and see their combination with each other. The advantage programs in landscape design is, many of them have reference material for each object. For example, you choose the plants and the program provides all the necessary information about caring for them., as well as compatibility with the data of climatic conditions.

Next, we consider the most original and attractive ideas for decorating the front garden with his own hands.

Garden in country style

Most often, front gardens are used for garden decoration style country (rustic style). And in truth, there is no more beautiful compositions, what combination of meadow plants with white house, shtaketnym the fence well with frame.

As plants for decoration of garden, country-style with their hands, it is customary to use such annuals, as: cornflowers, sunflowers (they are the basis of the composition) and Maki.

It is also recommended to complement the front garden cypress, iris, tulips, lilac, daisies and other brightly flowering ornamental plants.

Please note that, a walk in the village garden should be at garden paths, paved with natural stone, what would the composition does not go beyond the country-style.

We offer photo examples of garden in country style:

The picturesque front garden of Claude Monet

One of the artists, who gave himself not only to painting, but gardening, was Claude Monet. The artist so loved his garden estate in Giverny, all his plants were growing in an unusual composition, which many designers try to resume in various projects.

Живописный палисадник Клода Моне

The picturesque front garden of Claude Monet

To create such a garden on a country site it is necessary to create a complete harmonious composition, which consists of:

  • Ampelnye plants in containers, located right at the entrance to the zone of the front garden
  • Walking garden paths gravel, which divides the garden into two decorative zones: one consists entirely of colors: white dahlias, purple asters, lavender and pink kosmeya. The other consists of ornamental shrubs: the Japan quince, lilacs and even sunflowers.
  • Border garden paths, which consists of nasturtiums
  • Decorative arches, which adorn the entire walking area climbing plants, such as climbing roses and grapes girl
  • Low fencing, you can make from a picket fence or a metal mesh, what would all passers-by could enjoy the landscape design of the plot
Живописный палисадник Клода Моне  на сегодняшний день

The picturesque front garden of Claude Monet today

Geometric Mondrian garden

Piet Mondrian is a famous Dutch artist, who founded such a direction, as neoplasticism. Features of this area is a strict geometrical shape of objects, each element is painted in a bright color (yellow, blue, red, green).

According to the direction of neoplasticism designers have provided the idea for the design of the front garden with his own hands, as a geometric Mondrian garden:

Геометрический палисадник Мондриана

Geometric Mondrian garden

To obtain such a garden is not difficult, the only problem, all these bright color and regular geometric shape quickly stale and start to get bored after a few seasons.

Despite this, if you still want to implement this idea in my garden, we provide you the plants, whose colors may come:

  • The red rectangles: centranthus, dahlias and sunflower
  • Yellow rectangles: marigolds, rudbeckia and chrysanthemums
  • White rectangles: Daisy, iberis and fragrant tobacco
  • The blue rectangles: Astra cluster, Lobelia and Petunia.

As well, if you paid attention to the sketch of the garden plot ... , seen, not only the front garden, but the other objects in the garden painted in the same color (input wicket, booth left of the entrance door to the house). That's how objects can complement the geometric Mondrian garden:

Зона отдыха, дополняющая геометрический палисадник Мондриана

Area, complementary geometric Mondrian garden

Well, the last, this decorative house trim and fence. What would the house combined with decorated front garden, it is necessary to decorate the facade of climbing plants, such as: parthenocissus, climbing rose and the ivy. As for the fence, it, as in all other cases, must be small height, only painted white (for the best combination) and must not have sharp tops.

I hope, our ideas for design of front garden with your own hands you like! Wish you good luck and more creative ideas in independent landscape design suburban area!

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