Technology circular paving garden paths and check under the car with pavers

The most popular and high-quality materials for paving are paving stone and pavers. They have high strength and good appearance. The only problem lies in the fact, that monotonous flat track can do and they have "palled" to the country sites. In this case, the problem can be solved, if you use a twisting or circular paving material Yes garden paths. The technology is a little complicated, but now we will try explain clearly.

Substrate preparation for paving paths

First, it should be noted, the technology of preparation of soil beneath a circular or winding paving tiles is not different from the usual soil preparation under smooth a garden path.

Круговое мощение площадки

Circular paving pad

The first step is to do a little exploration of the soil of the garden plot, to understand how high is the aquifer and what rock make up soil.

Now let's not talk about that, you need to design the track, to knock out the estimates for building materials, buy everything you need, clear the area and mark the boundaries of the future track, because. about this we have said many times. Better take a closer look at the preparation of the base under paving, going from exploration to trench under the track.

The depth of the pit should be 25 cm with unsteady rocks in the form of humus or clay. This depth will be enough for you, that would make the drainage pillow, pouring concrete (if you need it) and carry out the paving tiles. If the soil in your yard solid, the depth of the pit can slightly reduce.

The bottom of the pit alignment and carefully stamped. It should be noted, if you decide to lay tile is not only for garden paths, but to check under the car, technology further preparation of the ground changes a little, now we provide two options for training.

Креативное мощение  по кругу

Creative paving circle

Training base for a garden path

After, how you stamped the bottom of the pit, moving on to the next stages. First, it is recommended to install in the pit curbs and drain pipes, on top of that have a grid for water drainage from the surface of the track. Track should have a slight tilt to one side or in two sides (the angle of inclination of not more 2 degrees).

Curbs are installed strictly at the edges of the pit, and right next to it mounted drain system, which should be directed to sewer. Purpose border is not only to hold the tiles from the spread to the sides, it is also a decorative way to emphasize the beauty of the garden paths.

Next, create a drainage pad for a garden path. To do this, use crushed stone, which paved a layer in 10 cm. On top of the crushed stone pillow slept yet 5 cm, but the mixture of sand with cement, ratio 5:1. This mixture is also called the gartsovka, it poured of concrete ties under the track (but not 5, and 3 cm). Now all drainage pillow carefully stamped and, if necessary, another pours gartsovka. After that you can start paving paths, but we still have the option of preparing a base for the check in machine, we also wanted to tell.

Substrate preparation for check in machine

So, we created the pit, bottom is rammed already. As in this case, the load on the track will be more significant (weight of machine 20 times more weight human), under the check-in should be more durable and resistant to mechanical stress.

To build a solid Foundation first paved about 5 cm sand layer. Next, you pour the layer of concrete, thickness 20 cm. For this master wooden formwork. It should be noted, to increase strength, the so-called Foundation under check, should the surface of concrete to lay the reinforcement rods. It is recommended to use rebar A3 thickness 12 mm.

Before pouring concrete, on the sides-in the future don't forget to install the drain pipe (they are called storm drains). Upon contact with the concrete storm drains better than "sit" and will look neater in the end.

Just don't forget about that, check-in for the machine must be sloped to the right or to the left, to the side of storm, what would the water not going to the race. Bias, again, should be about 2 degrees, that would be no measuring instruments to achieve such values it is necessary one of the boundaries to do another calculation in 2 cm 1 m length.

If you are going to lay paving on concrete screed, remember, what you need to pour 3 cm gartsovka on top of concrete.

Technology of paving stones in a circle

It should be noted, that circular paving stones is not really suitable for garden paths, because. this technology requires a large area of paving (or to be more precise, the diameter of the pad). Garden paths should be laid not circles of stone blocks, and waves and other types of ornament, which also look good and represent the same technology paving.

Just draw your attention to the following technology features paving stones in a circle:

  1. You still have to cut the tile, but not many. So be sure to get a grinder and round stone before starting work.
  2. Don't have to do the site in the form of a circle. You can experiment, creating more complex and creative forms.
  3. This technology is not only suitable for paving, paving stones, but also for paving paving slabs.
  4. The paving is made to the center of the circle (!)

So, go to the technology itself:

First we need to make a homemade compass. No matter how it will look, the main thing, that you could draw a circle large size. To create a compass you can use wooden slats, fastened with nails.

Hold the compass circle in the center of the site, on the spot where you wish to make a circle. Remember, what wave is created from circles, which are adjacent to each other, so if you want to make wavy a garden path, the compass also will be useful for you.

Start paving stones or paving slabs. As mentioned earlier, paving must be carried out to the center of the circle, so take the material and put it along the edges of the circle, moving row by row to the center. In order, whatever you vividly imagine technology, present to you the following drawings:

Once the desired pattern is created, the joints between the tiles covered with sand and carefully stamped, then with a broom sweep away the remaining sand.

Well, in the end, ready wetted the surface with water, which will make cement-sand mixture under the tile (gartsovku) grab.

Готовая площадка, вымощенная круговым узором

Ready platform, paved in a circular pattern

That's the whole technology of paving stones in a circle with their hands. As you can see, nothing complicated, important to maximize the use of their imagination and creative thinking!

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